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Keep Your Presents for Years to Come

Christmas is just around the corner and that means that not only will you be giving gifts, but you will be receiving presents as well. Ensuring that you keep your gift for years to come means understanding how to properly take care of it through the wear and tear of everyday life. No matter what you receive whether it is photos, electronics, or clothing make sure you think through and know a few simple tips on keeping it nice so you can keep for a long time.

One of the most endearing presents someone could give you would be that of photographs. Maybe they just had a baby, got married, or are celebrating another phase of their life and wanted to share it with you. The first thing you want to do is to put the pictures in a place they will not get torn up like a frame or photo album. You also want to make sure that you store your photos in a moisture-free area so you would be smart to not hang them in the bathroom or certain places in a kitchen. Keeping them away from direct or intense sunlight will keep the photographs from fading over time too.

Electronics will be a huge percentage of what people will receive for Christmas this year. Ipods, Iphones, Ipads, Kindles and other tablets can be wonderful, but delicate gifts to have. Fortunately you can buy cases and covers that will help protect them from the elements or even pad them from being dropped. E-reader and Iphone cases run as little as $20-30 and are worth every penny. If you receive a digital camera make sure to get a good padded camera bag, and you will also want a basic cleaning kit for around $5-10 for the lenses and the nooks and crannies of the camera.

Clothing has been a Christmas gift staple for decades. Christmas sweaters, socks, scarves, pants and just about every other item of clothing you could think of. If it is high quality like cashmere you may think the dry cleaners is the best but even if that is what the label recommends, washing it by hand will really keep it softer and higher quality over the years. All you need to do is use some baby shampoo, press the excess water from it, and lay it flat on a bath towel to dry.

Jewelry will certainly be in someone’s stocking this year. Whether it is a gorgeous necklace, a beautiful bracelet, or an exquisite watch a couple of things you will want to have for maintenance will be proper cleaner, as well as jewelry cutters and pliers. These tools will help you fix earrings, watches, bracelets and so many more items when they break or bend. You can purchase name brand cleaner or even make your own simple solution by mixing club soda and a mild dish detergent.

Whatever you receive this year take the time to do a little homework on the item and how to maintain it. That way you will not only be blessed by the gift on Christmas, but for years to come.  

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