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It Works! Facial Applicator (Review and Giveaway)

It Works!           
W/Loren Gasser

It’s the holidays and that means stress and seeing friends and family. Before you see all these people do you want your youthful glow back? Do you want finer pores? Do you want your skin to be tighter with less fine lines? Do you want some time to relax? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you need the It Works! Facial Applicator. In just 45 minutes you can impress all your friends and family with tighter, firmer, healthier skin.

Loren Gasser from It Works! was gracious enough to send Steph her own It Works! Facial Applicator. However, because Steph is pregnant she was wary of using it. Loren did say that the It Works Facial Applicator is safe to use while pregnant, but Steph is pretty cautious, so that’s where I come in.  Steph sent her It Works! Applicator home with our mom so I could do the review instead. 

Now, I’m 28 and while I know I'm still totally young, my skin is not as young as it used to be. I'm starting to get some really fine lines on my forehead and my skin just doesn’t feel all that young anymore. To top it all off, my skin is SUPER dry, especially in the winter. Thankfully, there are products like It Works! Facial Applicator to combat this dry, drooping, fine lined skin of mine.

I used the It Works! Facial Applicator just like the easy to follow directions said (open bag, place mask on face, relax for 45 minutes) and presto change-o, fresh, clean, fantastic skin! It was really nice to just sit on the couch and watch a little Duck Dynasty while my magic mask did all the work. 

Here are some before, during, and after pictures.

Here I am before using the facial applicator. Thankfully, you can't see my lines or my HUGE pores, but they are there! You can see the dark circles under my eyes and the dry patches on my cheeks. 
All you have to do is place the mask on your face, arrange it so it covers your trouble spots, and smooth it out (This is pre-smoothing and arranging because I needed to see to take the picture), and relax for 45 minutes. After the 45 minutes is up, remove the mask. Oh and don't let your husband see it ladies, mine about died laughing. 
Here is my after picture. You can tell that my skin is more hydrated, tighter, my circles are lighter, and even though you can't see them, my pores are much smaller. Yay It Works!

Want it? Buy It!
Just head on over to It Works! and check out all the fantastic It Works! products that are available. Loren will be happy to assist you with your purchase, or any questions you might have.

Want it? Win it!
Loren has been awesome enough to sponsor an awesome give away! If you’d like to win your own It Works! Facial Applicator please fill out the easy entry form below. Good luck to all who enter!

Special thanks to Loren and It Works! for sponsoring this awesome review and giveaway! Thanks for being so flexible with Steph and I! We hope to work with you again in the future.

Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned item, which I received directly from this sponsor, for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.


  1. From Asher's Chocolates I'd like to try the milk chocolate caramels. I hope that's the right question for this giveaway!

    Name on rafflecopter: Mary Happymommy

  2. I love facials... but hate the sometimes oily hands...I'm so busy with the grandies.. and someone is always needing something.. this one seems easy peasy... slip on slip off....LOVE LOVE LOVE

  3. I see the mandatory question was changed. I'd love to try the facial applicator to diminish the dark circles I have under my eyes. Thanks!


    I'm in my forties so any product that can rejuvenate skin is a product I'd like to try


  5. I'd love to win this!! In my mid thirties, and already my poor face is showing some wear :( So depressing. I'd love to get rejuvenated!

  6. I am seeing some aging in my face and would love to try this.

  7. My face needs hydrating, I could be a guinea pig!


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