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Sistema Review

Sistema is a 20 year old company, originally created in a garage and now run in a 200,000 square foot factory in New Zealand. Sistema means system in Italian and they have taken that concept to create quality, safe, stackable food storage containers. Sistema is exported to 39 countries, counts their customers in the millions, and are being stocked by some of the world's largest retailers.

Sistema offers a variety of different products.

Stacking food storage containers available in an assortment of shapes and sizes
Containers, utensils, carriers, and bottles for busy lifestyles
Safe, microwaveable steamers, bowls, and plates
Colorful, bright lunchbox choices
Bottles of shapes, sizes, and colors
Food or storage containers in a variety of color and size

Sistema containers are BPA/Lead/Phthalate/PVC/BPS free, food safe, and FDA approved. Depending on the products, they can be fridge, freezer, top rack dishwasher, and even microwave safe, please make sure to read all the details for each separate product to make sure of their capabilities.

When I first contacted Sistema, I told them I was looking for ways to help B keep his lunch fresh, cold, and in something that was easy for him to open by himself. They were totally on board with sharing some of their products and sharing the Sistema message. I worked with Katie, who provided us with way more than I was expecting and went above and beyond my expectations.
Our Sistema package has arrived, thanks Katie!

 The first product comes from the Sistema Lunch Line
It measures about 5.5" long x 6" wide x 1.75" high. It is stackable, freezer safe, microwavable without the lid, and top rack dishwasher safe.
The Sandwich Box Coloured is great for a single sandwich. It is very easy to open, just snap the yellow tabs down and take the lid off.
We use the Sandwich Box Coloured for sandwiches for B and for Adam.
It fits nicely in a lunchbox and keeps the bread soft and fresh.

The next product is the Slimline Quaddie
It measures 8" long x 5" wide x 3.5" high. It is freezer safe, microwavable without the lid, and top rack dishwasher safe.

It has four separate compartments, three on the top (one large and two small) and one large underneath. You just snap them open or closed, very easy to use.
It also contains a small water bottle.
This makes a great all in one lunchbox because of the separate compartments.

 The third item is the Lunch Cube Coloured
It measures 5" long x 5" wide x 3.75" high. It is stackable, freezer safe, microwave safe without the lid, and top rack dishwasher safe.

 This has three compartments and is a nice size for a snack assortment. It is easy to open, just snap the orange tab down, flip the box into halves, and snap the top half open to reveal the third compartment.
We used it for a get together where we had to bring our own snacks. It was great for a few rollups, cheese, and pretzels.

The fourth item was the Lunch Plus Coloured. 
It measures 5" long x 5" wide x 3.5" high. It is stackable, freezer safe, microwave safe without the lid, and top rack dishwasher safe.

This has 2 flip down tabs and a very secure seal. I used this to store strawberries for a few days and they stayed very fresh.
The last item was the 330 mL Squeeze
It measures 6.75" high and will hold about 11 ounces. It is freezer safe. This is a great twist and sip lid bottle. My kids are constantly biting the lids of bottles to open them, but no more. It is so easy to fill, throw in the fridge or freezer, and grab it to go.

All of the Sistema products we received and used are high quality, easy to use, and keep our food fresh and cool. I would recommend checking out their products for your lunchboxes too!

Want It? Buy It!
Sistema is a one stop shop for all your safe food storage needs. Browse the catalogs to start your list of wants and needs. Visit here to find where you can purchase your Sistema products, there is a large variety including online and retail stores. You can contact Sistema here and check to see if any questions you might have are in the FAQs here. Watch these videos for even more information about Sistema.
Thank you to Katie and Sistema for some wonderful and useful lunchbox items!
Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I received directly from this sponsor for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ. Mommy's Block Party and its team members are not responsible for prize fulfillment or shipment- this is the understood responsibility of the giveaway sponsor.

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