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Guilt-free Woman Time: Ideas Every Mom Needs (Guest Post)

Women have a tendency to take on too much responsibility. We have demanding jobs outside
the home and second jobs inside the home. Cooking, cleaning and chauffeuring the kids are just
a small number of the things we do. Even moms who don’t work outside the home deal with
having too much to do and not enough time to do it. On top of that, stay at home moms have a
tendency to feel isolated and lonely without enough adult companionship.

That’s why it’s important for women to make self indulgence a regular part of their lives. We

take care of everyone else, determined to win the race to be the best mother, wife and employee.
However, we forget to take care of ourselves while juggling these many roles. That’s because in
our society, women are conditioned to give selflessly. It’s something we’re very good at, but we
routinely forget to give to ourselves.

Remind Yourself that You Are a Valuable Family Member

You may be the glue that’s holding your family together, but it won’t work if you can’t hold

together yourself. When the demands on your time and attention seem overwhelming, remind
yourself that every member of your family is important and is deserving of your attention … and
that includes you. Indulging yourself should not bring you guilt. Loving yourself increases your
capacity to love and care for others. Give yourself the gift of indulgence, and you’ll also be
giving your family the gift of a better you.

Small Moments of Indulgence

While it would be nice to escape for a week or even a weekend, leaving your responsibilities

behind, this is not usually a realistic objective. Instead, focus on doing small things that make
you feel just a little bit more like the unique person you are. What you do is entirely up to you.
What matters is that you take a few moments to get back in touch with yourself. You might:

-Paint your toenails

-Get a haircut at a salon
-Read a chapter of the book you’ve been dying to read
-Take a bath
-Browse the Internet, looking for information on a hobby
-Go for a walk with another mom in the neighborhood
-Watch a television show on the DVR
-Sit on the porch with a cup of tea
-Call a friend

None of these things requires vast amounts of time, yet they can repay you with a wonderful

feeling of indulgence. Keep in mind as you brainstorm for your own small moments that
celebrate you that your choice does not need anyone else’s approval. These are things that you
do for yourself. Whether or not the world approves of your choice is absolutely irrelevant.

Going the Distance

Sometimes it’s wonderfully indulgent to have a longer term goal in mind. You can take small

steps every day towards accomplishing your goal, whatever it may be. Some moms decide to run
a marathon or compete in a triathlon. Both are worthy goals. Your race day may not happen for
six months or a year, giving you an abundance of time to prepare. Each week, you’ll make the
time for your training, scheduling it just as you would any other important appointment. Whether
your goal is to lose weight, feel fit or simply cross the finish line, you’re doing something that is
entirely for yourself that has the added bonus of helping your family. A healthy mom is a mom
who can keep up with her kids and provide an excellent role model.

Start a Club

Keep yourself out of the not doing anything for yourself rut by starting up a club. It could be a

book club, gardening club or cooking club. Perhaps you and your friends will get together to
learn about making stock market investments. Monthly meetings are something to anticipate and
plan for. It gives you an opportunity to regularly interact with like minded ladies, and you’re
likely to have all kinds of fun. Whatever you decide to do, don’t ignore yourself. When you are
fulfilled and happy, you have much more to offer your family.

Author Bio

Becky Harris is an avid blogger for U-Pack portable storage and moving companies.

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