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Sunglasses for Moms & Dads

When I became a mom, I had no idea that my fasted disappearing accessory, would be my sunglasses. Seriously, I have lost and broken more pairs of my beloved sunglasses in the past two years than I have in my almost thirty years of life. My sweet son spends a lot of time with just mommy, and he loves to play with mommy's accessories- especially sunglasses. He wears them, bends them, pulls them, and they eventually break, leaving me without a pair of reliable shades!

Picture of Baghdad  Retro Wayfarer Sunglasses Brown

I don't need super fancy sunglasses... I just need a few simple pairs that will accompany different outfits. I like to keep a black, brown, sometimes white pair on hand, and then a few different colors or patterns for added variety. I do need a style that will fit my face. I have had a super hard time finding a style that doesn't make me look ridiculous. I can't pull off big sunglasses, so I need a style that's fairly small, and will help frame my round face, instead of add unwanted bulk.

I really love the Wayfarer Sunglasses- they are stylish, and just the right style/size for my face! They come in so many different colors and patterns, that I could wear a different pair for months before ever having to repeat the same style!

Check out a few of my favorites from Wayfarer...

Picture of Celine Heavy Set Wayfarer Geek Glasses in Black with Clear Lens

Picture of Baghdad  Retro Wayfarer Sunglasses Red

Guess who else might need some manly shades? Yep- my hubby. He is the worst about protecting his eyes from the sun while outside, or driving. I have been begging him to purchase a pair of driving glasses, so he'll stop squinting while at the wheel, but he just won't break down and do it. Maybe a nice pair of aviator sunglasses would be a nice stocking stuffer for Christmas this year!

I'll bet he'd like these...

Picture of Peter Classic Wrap Driving Sunglasses

Picture of Nice Aviator Driving Sunglasses in Gunmetal

Now that I think about it, sunglasses would make the perfect stocking stuffer for just about everyone in my family- especially those of us who will be going on a cruise in January! I'm going to have to snag lots of pairs for gift-giving this season!

What styles of sunglasses do you prefer?

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