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Staying Warm this Fall & Winter with Panel Heaters

I sure do love it when the temperatures begin to cool off. It signifies that fall is upon us, and winter isn't too far off. Though I do love the cooler, and even cold weather, I live in an old, old house- a craftsman style bungalow, built in the 1930's. I love our house, as it has a lot of character and charm, but it also has old windows, which let the heat escape. In the cooler weather months, the floor boards become very cold, and even creaky. I'm not a fan of wearing socks in the house, so I often have to don a pair of slippers, so my feet won't get too cold, especially first thing in the morning.

We have tile floors in our bathroom. To me, there's not much worse than stepping out from a nice hot shower, into chilly bathroom air, and a cold bathroom floor. Sends the shivers right through a person! So, to avoid this happening, I'm looking to add a little extra warmth to a few areas of my home.

Doris White Atlantic Bathroom Heater

I'd never given a whole lot of thought to panel heaters, or bathroom heaters, until I came across some great styles, and even decor ideas at About Heating. With beautiful styles of bathroom heaters to choose from, I can have safe, reliable, controlled extra warmth in my bathroom! Why choose a heater like this? I love the ladder design- It's modern, and unique! It has great features, like a digital electric thermostat, with an override timer, adjustable temperature dial, it's water-filled, has a heating indicator light, and has a removable dust filter. This is a great option for us, too, because we have limited wall space in our bathroom. I'd love to have one of these, to keep the bathroom warm and toasty! I'd also love to put one in my second bathroom, because we don't heat it during the winter time. Having a bathroom heater on the wall, would easily allow me to heat the bathroom for fifteen minutes, or longer, if needed.

Atlantic Nirvana Panel Heater

Why cut the heat when leaving the bathroom? I don't want to head into a cold bedroom after I've been warmed through in my bathroom. Though I do have central heat in the house, our bedroom is an outside room of the house, so the walls become very cold in the winter time. A nice panel heater would definitely add a little bit of controlled warmth to the room. Panel heaters have come a long, long way, and are a far cry from the radiators I remember having in my childhood home in New Jersey.  Panel  heaters are a great option for rooms that need a little extra warmth, or for rooms or areas of the home that aren't heated. There's a great craftsman style home down the road from us that we'd love to buy. It has a second floor, but like most two-story homes from its time period, the second floors do not have central heat or air. Many of the rooms in second story homes like this, bear window units for A/C, and I'd actually never given much thought to how they might need to be heated. If we were to purchase that lovely home, with five bedrooms, three of them being on the second floor, we would definitely need to install some panel heaters. 

I like that the Atlantic Panel Heaters feature digital electric thermostats, discreet and easily accessible controls, a comfort temperature dial, an Eco temperature dial, a heating mode selector dial, a heating indicator light, and a create pass program system! Panel heaters are super stylish, functional, practical, and they take up little wall space. I'd even feel good about having one with a toddler running around- a toddler who loves to touch and explore everything!

We're going to be warm all winter long! Are you?

What are your heating issues during the cooler months?

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