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RiNGLEY Natural Teething Toys (Review & Coupon Code)

Once teething starts we all want to know “When will it end?” At least that is what i want to know.  Cameron started teething at 3 ½ months and is now 6 months and still no tooth (we can see it in the gumline it just wont come out!).  With that said he chews on everything he can get his mouth on.  So when I was asked Ringley Natural Teething Toys I couldn't say no.

I was so excited when our RiNGLEY Sun came in!

When I was ripping the package open I wasn't careful and ripped the postcard.

RiNGLEY is the original Canadian natural teether that combines two effective teething tools: untreated Maple wood and 100% organic cotton terrycloth.   RiNGLEY provides two very different textures that enable children to satisfy their teething needs. Made free from dye and without harmful chemicals.  RiNGLEY's design allows your child to easily grip the ring and cloth. It can be used wet or dry and easily reaches around a child's gums and teeth.  RiNGLEY was designed with a child's development in mind. Since infants learn through tactile stimulus, touching and putting things in their mouths, the need for a product made without harmful chemicals and dyes is important. RiNGLEY is an organic and natural toy for babies to chew and teethe on.” 
(Taken from the RiNGLEY website)

RiNGLEY comes in 7 styles: knotted, straight, junior, sun, monkey, turtle and elephant...

Cameron is totally in love with his RiNGLEY Sun Teether that we were given to review.  It is really lightweight and easy for his little hands to handle.  He loves to nom on it and swing it around.  That sure does make it hard however, to get pictures of him playing with it, since he won't sit still.  As soon as he sees it his eyes light up and he starts reaching for it, and as soon as he gets it in the mouth it goes.  

Cameron & His RiNGLEY Sun

Watch this great video on Youtube about RiNGLEY!

Want it? Buy it!

Want to buy your very own RiNGLEY Teether? You can do that right off of the RiNGLEY website, or you can do a search and see if there is a retailer near you.  Dont forget to like RiNGLEY on Facebook & follow them on Twitter.  If you would like to order from the RiNGLEY website, they have been kind enough to offer our Mommy’s Block Party fans a discount just use promo code at checkout... stay tuned!


Disclosure: I was sent the above mentioned product for review, free of charge, directly from the sponsor. All opinions are 100% mine. Your experience may differ.

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  1. Teething is the process during which your baby's teeth begin to break through the gums. Teething rings have been around a long time and have come in all shapes and sizes. Natural Baby Teething Toys are perfect for babies to bite and chew on.


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