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I Found Some Beautiful Shoes to Wear on our Cruise!

I know that January is still 4 months and a couple of weeks away, but I am super ready to pack my bags and  head to Florida, board our Carnival Cruise ship, and sail through the Gulf! I'm already laying out dresses to wear to dinner, and contemplating accessories. Hey, I like to plan ahead. One thing that I sort of forgot about though, is that I'll need some dressy shoes to wear to dinner. On a cruise ship, though there are only one or two formal dinner nights, dressy casual attire is required. A big no-no is thong-like or flip flop sandals. This means that even though I have some nice sandals that will be perfect for the temperatures I'll be experiencing, I won't be able to wear them with my dresses. All of my other dress sandals are super old, and out of style, so I need to purchase a pair or two of new shoes!

I was browsing for new shoes, and found some great styles at Brantano. They've got lots of party shoes, which are just what I am needing to go with my dinner dresses for the cruise. There's only one problem. There are too many styles I love, and not enough room for all of them in my luggage. So, I've got to narrow it down to one or two pairs, and that'll have to be it.

Here are my top choices:

Click to view larger view
(Love the style and the name!)

Click to view larger view
Glam Flower 
(Oh, why not? I'm gonna go all out!)

Click to view larger view
(One of my dresses matches this one, almost exactly!)

Click to view larger view
(I definitely love this one)

Decisions, decisions. I may go with the Sheila Mule, since it's a nice neutral, and looks like it will go nicely with many of my more causal dresses. Even though I love the Glam Flower sandal, it may be a little more than I can handle walking around in for a long period of time. The Pippa Wedge looks comfortable, and if I end up having to carry Balian around, I can manage in a nice, wedged peep toe shoe like that.

Brantano has shoes for the entire family, and it's a good thing, because Balian will need some dress shoes, as well. I hate shoe shopping for my toddler, but Brantano has a great selection of kids shoes, so I'm actually not dreading picking some new kicks for my cutie out!

Start-Rite Hopscotch
(Perfect for daytime activities, to dinner in the dining room!)

Hush Puppies Archibald
(Love these- casual, but can be dressed up.)

Osh Kosh Houston
(This style would be great for dinner on the cruise, and get us through the winter months at home!)

Hubby doesn't really need new dress shoes right now, but if he decides that he just has to have a new pair of shoes before we start cruising, well, I'll know where to send him!

If you were me, which dress sandals would you choose?

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