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Camping: The Unconventional Gift

I know I've shared that my husband's birthday is coming up, and I have been mulling over tons of different gift ideas. The more I thought about it, I started wondering if he might like to go somewhere and do something fun for his birthday, rather than having a tangible gift. He's been putting a bug in my ear about how much fun we had the last time we went white water rafting, and how he'd love for us to do that again with some friends.

So, I'm thinking of booking a white water rafting trip on the Nantahala River, and telling him that we're going to camp nearby the rafting center the night before. I'm not big on camping- I'm a girl of modern convenience, but my husband loves it! If I'm going to plan a camping trip for his birthday, I'm going to need some camping gear! I read up on some camping essentials, so I would know the types of things we're going to need for this trip!

Comfort Double Chamber Airbed 
Coleman Comfort Double Chamber Airbed

We have a pretty nice tent, which we've really never gotten much use out of. I'll be eager to test it out! I'm not into sleeping on the hard ground, so we're going to need an air bed. I am pretty picky about what I sleep on, and even if I'm going to be in the woods, I'll want to make sure I'm getting a restful night's sleep to be fully energized for rafting!

Travel Lite 300 Sleeping Bag 
Deuter Travel Lite 300 Sleeping Bag

I'll also need a nice, warm sleeping bag. I've only had one sleeping bag in my entire life, and it in no way would have protected against the elements if I had actually used it outdoors. I'm going to want something light, but something that will provide warmth and protection.

Del Mar High Back Chair  
Vango Del Mar High Back Chair

I may even want some camping furniture, like chairs! I honestly can't believe that we don't already have a set of chairs like this, but it's never too late. They'd be wonderful not only for camping, but for when we have friends and family over for a BBQ, trips to the beach, the park, to take to sporting events or outdoor concerts, etc!

I think this would be a wonderful birthday gift to my husband. It's not something he'll be expecting, and it'll mean a lot to him, just for me to rough it, and be a little more adventurous than usual- simply because I love him. This will be a birthday he'll never forget! I'd better head to Cotswold Outdoor and start shopping for some of this gear. September 5th is just around the corner!

Have you ever planned a surprise trip like I'm about to do?

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