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Summer Fun Activities: Coffee Can Drum Project

Brought to you by Coppertone Water MOMS

You will need:

-Empty coffee can with 2 plastic lids
-Contact paper or your child's artwork
-Empty thread spool


1. Create a drum for your child by cutting the bottom out of a coffee can and covering the can with contact paper, or letting your child draw a picture on some paper and gluing it around the can.

2. Glue plastic lids on each end of the can.

3. Create a drumstick by gluing the lead end of a pencil into the hole of an empty thread spool.

4. For variation, an empty oatmeal canister and an empty paper towel roll will make a soft but authentic drum for your little one!

*Note from Ondria- you don't have to use 2 lids- just leave the coffee can bottom in tact, and cover the rest with paper. Tissue paper can be fun to use for this project, too!

Have fun with this one with the kiddos!


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