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Initials, Inc. Desk Organizer (Review & Giveaway)

May Spotlight Sponsor
Presented by Jenneifer Jones

Organizing is my middle name- or at least, it was until I became a mom. I really like to know where everything is at all times, and I'm a firm believer that everything has a place, or should have a place to live. Keeping my home organized helps me to stay sane, and knowing where things are when I need them seriously cuts down on my stress. I shared my love for organization with MBP friend and Spotlight Sponsor, Jenneifer Jones, Senior Creative Partner with Initials, Inc. Jenneifer and I were slated to work together this month, bringing our MBP readers a fantastic product, and I was definitely open to suggestions (mostly because I love just about everything in the Initials, Inc. catalog!).

 Jenneifer Jones

Jenneifer loves Initials, Inc., too, and she wanted to highlight a helpful product this month- something everyone could definitely use in their home or office. Jenneifer kindly sent me a personalized Desk Organizer from Initials, Inc. I was thrilled to hear that she chose to send me an organizer!

 Initials, Inc. Desk Organizer in its packaging. Can't wait to use it!

 Here's the Desk Organizer all put together- time to fill 'er up!

The Desk Organizer by Initials, Inc. came to me flattened, or collapsed, and was very lightweight. I opened the package, and saw that all I needed to do was to pop the storage cube into shape, place the removable base into the bottom, to help it keep its shape, and that was it- instant storage! This handy open storage container is 11.75"W x 11"H x 8"D. It's wide and deep enough for me to store files, and all of my MBP goodies! I have a filing cabinet, where I keep all of the press releases and paper work that I receive from MBP sponsors, but sometimes, I need to keep it in an easy to get to place, so that I can grab what I need when working on a review. With the Desk Organizer from Initials, Inc., I can keep my paperwork out, without it being 'out' for all to see, or stacked on top of the desk, etc. It's also a great place to hold items that are waiting to be reviewed. I receive lots of great products, and I like to keep them together until I am ready to review them, and then once something has been reviewed, it can join the rest of the stuff in my house. The Desk Organizer holds business cards that I need for reference, too. It features six front pockets to help store and organize smaller items!

 Balian has found his living room toys!

 The little pockets are a great feature!

After I loaded my new Desk Organizer from Jenneifer up with my MBP stuff, I realized that there just might be another perfect way to use it. I have a bookshelf from Ikea, which I love, but have found it nearly impossible to find the right size storage cubes to fit into the cubbies. The Desk Organizer from Initials, Inc. fits the bottom cubbie perfectly! I had to try it out, just to see if it would work the way I wanted it to, so I filled it with a few of Balian's living room toys, and slid it onto the self, within the cubbie- and voila! Again, instant storage, and problem solved! I can quickly and easily sweep those little toys off the floor and toss them into the bin at the end of the day. Because the Desk Organizer has fabric handles on both sides of it, Balian can easily slide the organizer out of the cubbie himself, and grab the toys he wants. The front pockets are perfect for keeping his toy phones, remotes, hammer, etc, safe! 

Fits perfectly in this space on the shelf!

I do plan to return my MBP work to the Desk Organizer- just as soon as I order some more of them for the toys! I am head over heels in love with this Desk Organizer, and the many uses for it, too!

 Desk Organizer: Wave Pattern

Other great uses for this Desk Organizer from Initials, Inc...
-Bedside Organizer
-Diaper Station Organizer
-Laundry Room Organizer
-Portable Office (keep in the car) 

I received the Desk Organizer in the Scroll pattern, which I love. It has neutral colors, and a fun design, which goes with just about any color scheme. This same item is also available in the Wave pattern (I love that one, too!).

What really makes Initials, Inc. special, is that personalization is always free on every item! Nowadays, we love to personalize everything with a name, monogram or cute saying, and Initials, Inc. lets their hostesses and customers do this at no additional fee!  Jenneifer personalized my Desk Organizer for me by having 'Ondria's Office' embroidered on it! Love it! There are ten fonts to choose from, and fifteen color choices! With all of these great options, it seems that no two products will ever be exactly the same- and that's kind of the point. 

Of course, there are lots and lots of products that I would love to have from Initials, Inc. This is quickly becoming one of my very favorite direct sales companies!

Take Along Caddy (I definitely need this in my car!)

Sort It All Out (Perfect to store toys or equipment!)

Big Bin (Um- yes, perfect for laundry!)

Initials, Inc. has so many great household helpers, totes and bags and must-have items for the summer! Need a great gift for Father's Day? Check out some of the neat things Initials, Inc. has- Jenneifer can make suggestions to help you pick out and personalize something for that special dad in your life! Grads will love initials, Inc., too- lots of these items would be perfect for dorm living!

Don't forget dad!

May Customer Special:
The Insulated Tote is just $22.00 during the month of May! This would make a great gift for dad, or it just might be the perfect thing to take with you on family outings or vacations this summer! Get it while it's hot and you can keep your cold stuff cool!

Want It? Buy It!

To purchase any of the above featured items, as well as many more, head on over to Jenneifer's Initials, Inc. website. Plan to spend a little time looking around- there's lots of great stuff to see! If you have any questions about making a purchase, need help with the personalization process, or would like more information about hosting a party or joining Jenneifer's team, just contact Jenneifer! You can also stay connected with Jenneifer through her Facebook page for Initials, Inc., or by signing up for her monthly newsletter!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky reader will win their very own Desk Organizer by Initials, Inc. from Jenneifer! Just use our handy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Jenneifer Jones for helping to get me organized this month, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck, everyone!

Disclosure: Other than the above featured products, which I received free of charge, directly from this representative for review purposes, I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ. 


  1. Love the desk organizer, Would be great for my blog items. Would put Begin To Craft on it.

  2. So I haven't visited in a while but so glad I did today and got to enter the giveaway, yay! I would use this in my little man's room next to his changing table. All his stuff is thrown around and this would be perfect to organize. OR my decorative stuff, scissors, pens, tapes, glue, the options are endless.

  3. This would be awesome for my desk to keep everything handy!

  4. I would use it for storing all my kids coloring books, crayons and other art supplies!

  5. I'd love to use the office tot in my scrapbook area

  6. I'd use this on my desk in my classroom -- and have it personalized with my last name.

  7. I'd love one with my daughter's name on it (Ashlyn). She has a lot of stuff :)

  8. I would use this to hold craft items or coupons and would personalize it with my name.

  9. would use it in my studio for photography items and would personalize with my name


  10. i would use it in our home office and would put my husband initials

  11. I would use it in my office for my direct sales info


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