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CityGrips Stroller Handlebar Grip Covers (Review & Giveaway)

I don't know about how you feel about your stroller or felt about your stroller back when you used one on a regular basis, but I have a love-hate relationship with mine. We have two strollers- a little umbrella stroller which fits into our trunk and smaller spaces like a dream, and then a nice, big, expensive clunker of a stroller that just seems to make me mad every time I use it. I am an avid 'speed walker.' I used to be a jogger, but blew my knee out a few years ago, and now it's walking for this fitness-minded momma. Going out for walks seems like it's the best part of my day, a lot of times. Balian loves being outside, and so do I. I never thought to register for a proper 'jogging stroller,' so we just sort of make do with the clunker.

Part of what I don't like about the stroller is the handlebar... actually I don't like the handlebars on either of my strollers. The grippy-foam stuff over the handlebars gets all nasty, sweaty, and eventually, they'll probably end up tearing apart, because that's just their nature. Lucky for me, I came across a company that offers a pretty cool solution to this very sort of problem!

CityGrips is a really neat company that offers unique stroller handlebar grip covers, which fit most types of strollers. I was very excited to find CityGrips, and to receive the opportunity to work with them by reviewing a set of their handlebar grip covers of my choice. CityGrips keep your hands clean and comfortable while pushing your stroller. They are super easy to use, and funky and stylish!

 My new goodies from CityGrips, and a note from Camie...

I received the Single Bar- Circle Green pattern of CityGrips for review. I chose this pattern to match my stroller, which is green, black and grey, with a circle dots pattern on the seat cover. I also chose the single bar style to fit my handle bar. The CityGrips covers were extremely easy to use. I just pulled the Velcro seams apart, wrapped them around my handle bar in the areas where my hands grip it, and then fastened them closed. That was it- no messing around. We were good to go in no time, and headed off for a walk.

I noticed an immediate difference in the way my hands felt while pushing the stroller. At the end of our walk, my hands didn't hurt. They didn't have that sort of pinched feeling that they sometimes get on the underside on my fingers. My hands were protected and felt nice and cushy through out the entire walk. I also didn't have to worry about my hands having that dirty, grimy feeling afterward. All of the other moms we passed while on our walk asked me about the CityGrips, commented on how cute they looked, and asked where they could get some.

 Balian loves the CityGrips, too! 
He likes pushing his wagon around with the CityGrips on the handlebar!

The City Grips also fit over the handle bar of Balian's cute little Trike Bike that we often take out for our walks. We have the pedals disengaged for now, and I have a little push handle bar that allows me to push Balian while he 'rides his bike.' The plastic handle bar is really uncomfortable, so I was very glad to experiment with the CityGrips and to see that they fit! Makes walks with that trike much more enjoyable for mommy!

Single Bar- Circle Green CityGrips...

Features of CityGrips Include:

Easy to attach
Fits all handlebars
Made out of plush, durable material
Stylish patterns make your stroller stand out
Protects grips from wear and tear
Machine wash and dry

I love that I'll never have to wonder which stroller is mine at the park again! We have a pretty popular stroller, which we seem to spot everywhere we go. With the CityGrips on my handlebar, I'll definitely know my stroller when I see it!

CityGrips features five patterns for each type of stroller handlebar. They're easy to purchase, too! You simply select the style of handlebar your stroller has, select your pattern, and you're all set! The CityGrips stroller handlebar covers are just $12.95, and shipping is free!

As an added bonus to my CityGrips, I was also sent a Coffee Cup Grip! It works the same way the CityGrips stroller handlebar covers do. It comes apart at the Velcro seam, and then fastens together around your coffee cup! I love this! I actually took it with me on a weekend trip last weekend, and I'm so glad that I did! We went to a coffee shop and got some Joe to go. When I received my order, it didn't have one of those little protective sleeves around it! Oh, no! I didn't want to wind up with burned hands (the cup was extra hot!), so I remembered my CiryGrips coffee cup cover and carefully slid my cup right into it. My hands were very happy, and well protected!

CityGrips are really cool, and I think that anyone (mom, dad, grandma, etc) who's going to be pushing around a stroller is going to absolutely love these stroller handlebar grip covers! They've been featured in the Backstage Bag Celebrity Baby Bags, and lots of moms are catching on to this awesome mommy-invented and mommy-approved must have! These grip covers would make great gifts!

Double Bar in Funky Lines...

Want It? Buy It!

You can purchase your CityGrips Stroller handlebar grip covers by shopping the CityGrips website! Their site is incredibly easy to navigate, contains lots of feedback and helpful tools- like how to choose a jogging stroller, how-to videos, etc!

Want It? Win It!

Three lucky MBP readers will win their choice of CityGrips Stroller Handlebar Cover for their stroller! Just use the easy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Camie at CityGrips for allowing me to try them out, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck, everyone!


Disclosure: I was sent the above featured items directly from this company free of charge for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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  1. the handles are uncomfortable and I would love to win
    Lisa Janson

  2. They look so cute, would love to win!

  3. I am going to be strolling around my grandbaby soon, and would love to have a set!


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