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Celebrate Your Child's Year with Shutterfly Yearbooks

When I was in high school, I was on our yearbook staff for three years in a row. By the time I made it to senior year, I was promoted from 'Junior Editor' to 'Editor.' I ended up having to pour a lot of extra time into making a beautiful yearbook for the school to enjoy, and for the students to share. It was an incredibly daunting task. Though it may not be appropriate for high school, I really wish that something like Shutterfly's new Yearbooks had been around back then.

Shutterfly is know for their photo books and gifts, but I have a feeling that this new Photo Yearbook option will become very popular! I can see smaller, private schools wanting to use this new feature from Shutterfly, and maybe even larger schools, as well! Shutterfly makes it easy for schools to create their Yearbooks! They offer specially designed templates, which are made to capture student life and activities, right along with favorite student, classroom and faculty photos! There's a custom path option, which really lets you create exactly what you're wanting in a yearbook. When you order for your class or school, you can receive up to 75% off, making the yearbooks as low as $5/per student! You have to contact Shutterfly for a quote on this, though.

Teachers are loving the new Yearbooks from Shutterfly! These full-color photo books are perfect for every school! They're priced well, and you can have them in hand just three weeks after placing your order! The yearbooks are professionally bound, and they are saved forever, which means they can be re-ordered at any time!

Yearbooks are pretty special. I still look back at old yearbook photos (and am horrified!) of myself and my friends, and it's just amazing to see how we've all grown. My favorite part of 'Yearbook Day' was always passing them around, having friends sign them. Those messages still make me smile and laugh, and some warm my heart when I read them.

Give your child the special gift of a school yearbook, and you can bet it will be cherished for the rest of their lives.

For more information on the new Shutterfly Yearbooks, visit their website.
Contact Shutterfly directly for quotes on class or school yearbooks.

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Disclosure: I have not been monetarily compensated for posting this material, though I will receive a promo code for a free photo book for my participation in this sponsored campaign. I have not reviewed this product in person. All opinions are my own. Your experience may differ.

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