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As You Wish Creations Review & Giveaway

~Part of our Easter Parade Feature~

Gosh, how has the Lenten season gone by so quickly? I can't believe Easter is just about a week away and we will be heading to church and spending the day with our family. My children are extremely lucky to blessed with loving family that give plenty of Easter surprises. The Easter Bunny doesn't bring a lot for our kids, they each get a few prized possessions in their basket before church, and I try my hardest to make sure they are getting something fun and different. One place I often use to browse for fun and different is-ETSY!

I recently was introduced to a great, unique store on Etsy that specializes in invitations, announcements, and SOCK MONKEYS! As You Wish Creations was started by a stay-at-home mom, Lynda, who was talented enough to try her hand at creating for others. She only recently joined Etsy and has 100% positive feedback and her Facebook page has tons of "likes" so she must be doing something right!

Lynda is so professional to work with. She kept me super informed throughout every step of working together. You can tell how much she loves doing what she is doing, and getting a chance to try out new ideas for her customers. We communicated many times and each interaction was great, I highly recommend Lynda and her work!

Lynda from As You Wish Creations sent us a very fun little guy for B, it was her first time making this specific type and we are happy she chose us to break him in. Our sock monkey arrived within about 2 weeks from his creation date.

Here is our package from As You Wish Creations
 Lynda included a lovely hand written note and a safely packaged sock monkey. 
 As You Wish Creations tag with all of Lynda's information, another great touch.

B was so excited to get him out of the package and love on him.

Pirate Jack is about 19.5" from red skull cap to peg leg, with a tail that is about 14". He has a red skull cap, eye patch, mischievous grin, a bag of pirate loot, sword, hook hand, and of course a peg leg. This guy is a true pirate! My favorite part is his little peg leg, what a fun idea to make him as realistic as possible, and his mischievous grin makes you wonder what sort of piratey things he has been up to lately.

Pirate Jack is really soft and squishy, thanks to his fiberfill stuffing. Lynda does partial machine and partial hand stitching, with double stitching done on the hand portion for extra durability. His craftsmanship is well done and will withstand many more future hugs and snuggles.

As You Wish Creations offers such a huge assortment of designs, colors, and characters to love! They are all Made To Order, which means Lynda will really take her time to personalize your sock monkey and make it wonderful for you and your family. Prices range from around $10 up to about $40, depending on size and details.

Check out some other sock monkeys and animals available now from As You Wish Creations.
The choices are endless at As You Wish Creations, good luck finding just one you love!

*As You Wish Creations does not recommend these toys for children under 3*

Want It? Buy It!
Need something a little more unique for that special day? Check out As You Wish Creations for creative, personalized, and affordable gift ideas. You can order invitations and announcements, sock monkeys and many other pets. Visit Lynda and As You Wish Creations on Facebook, you can find general information, helpful tips, and even sometimes a special deal. Also, please, please go check out this amazingly cute idea that Lynda is a part of!

Want It? Win It!
One lucky MBP follower will get to snuggle and love a sock monkey from As You Wish Creations. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win- and be sure to complete all mandatory entry fields. Don't forget to check out all of the extra ways to earn entry points for this giveaway.

Winner will receive their choice of a Sock Monkey Pirate or Princess

The Sock Monkey can be personalized with the winner's choice of name too!

Lots of huge thank yous to Lynda from As You Wish Creations. These sock monkeys are so cute and we are so happy you shared them with us!

Thanks and Good Luck

Disclosure: Other than the Sock Monkey that I was sent to review directly from this representative, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

Cindy's Discovery Toys (Review & Giveaway)

Part of our Easter Parade Feature

I am one of those mommies who likes to spoil their child. I can't help it. My son is so adorable, and even when he's misbehaving, he can do no wrong in my eyes! I am a sucker for wanting to get him a new little something every time we head to the store, or for every holiday that comes and goes. Easter is probably one of those times where I go a little overboard. My husband is a musician, and is usually working out of town Easter weekend, so I am solely in charge of the Easter basket. This year, since Balian is almost a true toddler, I am focusing a little bit more on filling his basket with relevant items that will further encourage his development and creative play.

I have the perfect little gift item, thanks to MBP friend, Cindy Madison. Cindy is an Independent Team Leader with Discovery Toys, a Direct Sales company focused on connecting moms with educational toys, books and tools for their children. Cindy joined Discovery Toys in 2006. Prior to joining, she had become a stay at home mom, but like many families who were used to have two full time incomes, Cindy soon began to realize that wanted to be able to contribute, while still having the freedom to be with her family. Someone gave a Discovery Toys item to Cindy as a gift, and as Cindy learned more about the opportunity through Discovery Toys, she called a local rep and got started with them, right away. Now, Cindy has the freedom and flexibility she's always wanted. She can work as much or as little as she wants, sharing her passion for learning through play with local hospitals, pre-schools, individuals, groups and organizations, etc. Discovery Toys allows Cindy to be her own boss and build her own team. This sets an incredible example for her children in the age of entrepreneurship. Cindy and her family also benefit from Cindy's involvement with Discovery Toys- the children certainly enjoy the amazing Discovery Toys, and Cindy is able to take her husband on an all expenses paid vacation every February!

 Cindy sent me a very helpful list of DT products that were age appropriate for Balian and asked me to select one for review, that I thought Balian would be interested in. I loved everything that Cindy sent to me, but finally decided on the Discovery Toys Try-Angle. Cindy had the toy ordered and sent to me before I even had time to blink!

 It's here! It's here! Our package from Cindy...

Balian loves to help me retrieve the mail and the packages from the front porch. He is certainly fast becoming mommy's little helper. He was intrigued by the package from Cindy, and knowing that we had to review it, I went ahead and let him help me open it. When Balian saw the Discovery Toys box and the picture of the Try-Angle on the front of it, he literally did his little 'I'm excited' dance, squealed and began 'jumping' (bending his knees, repeatedly) and saying, 'Yeah, Yeah!' This was one excited little babe! I removed the Try-Angle from the box, but set the box aside. I wanted to hang onto it, because it contained information about the toy. A fact sheet was also included with the toy, which I also saved, so I could look over it later.

 Front of the Try-Angle box- I love the vivid full color photos and info, right on the box!

Back of the Try-Angle Toy Box...

There was nothing to put together. The Try-Angle is one piece, and it is really a neat toy. It can be used lying flat, or folded up, making a triangle of fun and exploration! This is a colorful, five-sided toy... perfect to play with at home, but it's portable and also perfect when you're on the go! The Try-Angle from Discovery Toys has tons, and I do mean tons, of bells and whistles for endless learning fun! There are parts of this toy that twist, turn, slide, beep, and whirl!

I know this is a little blurry- just wanted everyone to see that Balian took off running with the Try-Angle still in its box! He was so excited!

Balian could not wait to get his hands on his new Try-Angle. I first gave it to him, lying flat. I placed it on the floor, and he began to explore the winding handle and the turning gears. After he and the toy became acquainted, I showed him how the sides of the Try-Angle flipped up, creating a triangle. Together, we placed the Try-Angle on the coffee table, and he explored the spinners, the sliders, the squeaking push button, mirror and more! Every time I looked at the Try-Angle that first day, I found something new! Balian played and played with the Try-Angle until daddy came home from work. Our first day with the Try-Angle was a Thursday, which is the day of the week that my husband takes Balian to his mother's house for dinner and play time, leaving me at home for four hours of uninterrupted work time. Balian was not about to head to grandma's house without his Try-Angle. I handed it to him, once he was secure in his car seat, and it sat in his lap, perfectly. He played with it the whole way there, and then played with it all night long at grandma's!

 Exploring the new Try-Angle, to see what it's all about... 
So many shapes, colors and sounds!

 Balian loved helping me fold it up into the triangle shape. 
This way, he could easily spin things!

 Getting the hang of it, now...

 Taking a break for juice and a cracker... but not without his Try-Angle!
See how easily it sits in his lap?

Now, Balian is 17 months old. This toy is intended for ages 6 months+. I love how the Discovery Toys Try-Angle can be used with babies- during tummy time, etc. It's perfect for their stimulation! I also love that it's perfect for a 17 month old! There are lots of activities within this toy to keep a toddler busy. We have been using the Try-Angle as a learning tool as we try to teach Balian colors and numbers, as well as sounds and new words. Balian is pretty perceptive, and picking up on new things each and every day (he really amazes me!), so I am thrilled to have a toy at my disposal that will help me, as I work with him, but that he can play with and learn from on his own, too!

Here are some of the great features of the Try-Angle:

Helps to:
Develop small motor skills- encouraging baby to move, twist and turn as they reach for moving parts on the toy.

Identify shapes, colors and patterns.

View and recognize self in the mirror.

Listen for different sounds, and experience cause and effect as parts move.

Experience different visual stimuli in each activity center or window.

Grows with baby from tummy-time to sit up play, to table top play!

 I have been so impressed by the Try-Angle, that is has me really wanting to try even more Discovery Toys. I have seen how much Balian enjoys his Try-Angle, and I can only imagine how well he would like some of the other toys. There are lots of toys available for ages 1-3 to choose from!

Here are a few toys that are on my list for Balian...

Working Trio Dump Trucks

Hammer Away!

Block It!

Discovery Toys offers toys, and learning tools for babies, toddlers and older children. Also available are resources for parents, such as books and CDs to use with their children. If you're looking for a gift for a special child in your life, why not give them a new learning toy that will aid and encourage their exploration and imaginative/creative play! Discovery Toys is perfect for birthdays, play time at home, classrooms, and more! If you've never experienced Discovery Toys with your child or a child in your life, this is the perfect time to give them a try!

Want It? Buy It!

You can purchase all of the above featured products from Discovery Toys by visiting Cindy's Discovery Toys website, or by contacting her to place an order. The DT website is very helpful, and provides parents, grandparents, teachers, etc with lots of information about each and every product. However, if you need assistance, or have questions about a product, just contact Cindy. She is so passionate about her business, and is a very sweet person, whom I have thoroughly enjoyed working with. Cindy would so be glad to share information about the Discovery Toys opportunity with you. I was kind of surprised to see that there were no DT reps listed for my state- NC. You may also be wondering how you can earn free toys from DT by hosting a DT Party! Whatever your area of interest with Discovery Toys, Cindy is ready to speak with you! Be sure to become a fan of Cindy's Discovery Toys on Facebook, so you never miss an update!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win a set of Discovery Toys' Measure Up Cups (12 months and up)- which just happens to be one of Balian's favorite toys! We play with these colorful stacking, nesting cups in the tub, in the sand, and all over the house! They are great for learning colors and numbers, and teaching patience, too! Just use our easy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Cindy with Discovery Toys for allowing us to experience the Try-Angle in our home, and for offering the Measure Up Cups as a giveaway for our readers!

Good luck to all who enter!


Disclosure: Other than the above featured toy, which I was sent free of charge from the sponsor, for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Late Night Winners

A few more winners to announce before the day is over.

Little Lady Lovelies---Heidi J, entry #188

Jamberry Nails with Lori Long---Sam B, entry #133

Congratulations to both of you!
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The Paisley Petal Vegas (Review & Giveaway)

Part of our Easter Parade Feature

Sometimes, the easiest and fastest way to decorate for a season is to add some sparkle to your front door or entryway. Wreaths are certainly beautiful, and that's what I normally go with, but every now and then, it's fun to add a little sparkle and whimsy by displaying a cute sign or wall hanging. I have seen a lot of cute Easter themed wreaths, signs and more, but none have been as cute as what I saw when I came across one of my favorite new shops on Etsy.

When I stumbled across The Paisley Petal Vegas, I knew that I had to contact owner, Charisse Patterson and ask her if we could include her in our Easter feature. Charisse's designs are a must see! Charisse creates beautiful wall/door hangings for the seasons, and for everyday! She very sweetly offered to send me one of her too cute Easter Carrot Wall Hangings, and after seeing it listed in her Etsy shop, I couldn't wait to see how adorable it would look in person.

It took just a couple of days for the package to arrive from The Paisley Petal Vegas. I happened to be out on my front porch when the mail carrier was walking up with it. He was intrigued as to what could be packaged inside such a large, flat package! Charisse took care to package the Easter Carrot Wall Hanging very well, which I certainly appreciated.

 Here's my big 'ol package from the Paisley Petal Vegas- all the way to NC from NV!

The Easter Carrot Wall Hanging itself, is a primed and painted metal carrot shape sign. Charisse decorated it with cut-out vinyl, which is adhered to the sign. The vinyl designs imitate the colors of a carrot- green swirls up top, and orange circles on the body of the carrot, and the sign also features a spring-like 'Happy Easter' text. The carrot hangs by an orange ribbon, and also features a gorgeous spray of ribbons at the top! There are three different ribbons, layered and tied into a bow! The top ribbon is Easter-themed, featuring pastel colored Easter eggs. Love it!

How adorable is this Easter Carrot!?

I couldn't wait to try the Easter Carrot Wall Hanging on my front door! I have been slow to put out my Easter decor this year, so now maybe I'll feel that I am caught up with my neighbors! The Easter Carrot is weighted, but not too heavy, which I am glad for. It is protected and ready to be used indoors or outdoors. I would love to hang it on my front porch! Since it's weighted, if I do decide to hang it outside, I don't have to worry about it being swept off by the winds of March!

Front door...

Back door from the porch to the kitchen...

I can't wait for my family and friends to lay their eyes on this super sweet accent! Everyone who sees it is going to want one of their own! This isn't the type of seasonal decor item that you are going to find at one of the local hobby or craft stores- this is as unique as its creator and any door or wall that features this Easter Carrot will be the talk of the neighborhood!

Of course, I've had to try this in a couple of different spots in my home. I've hung it on the front door, and on the back door to my kitchen, as well. No matter where I decide to leave it, it's sure to make a statement and impress my guests!

Along with the adorable Easter Carrot Wall Hanging, The Paisley Petal Vegas also has other adorable, stylish and fun seasonal door decor!

 Easter: Bunny Crossing Wreath- How gorgeous is this wreath?

 Summer: No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem Welcome Sign

 Year Round- Bless Our Home Cross: This would make a beautiful gift!

Spring to Autumn- Welcome Wreath with Letter- Loving this!

If you're looking to add a little pizazz to your Easter holiday home, why not start here? Whether you're looking for a wreath or wall hanging, The Paisley Petal Vegas may have just what you're needing! With Mother's Day coming up, any of these beautiful decorative hangings would make a thoughtful, lovely gift! Remember The Paisley Petal Vegas for housewarmings and birthdays, too! No matter what your personal decor style may be, a home accent from The Paisley Petal Vegas will put a smile on your face!

Want It? Buy It!

You can purchase the above featured items and many more by visiting The Paisley Petal Vegas Etsy Shop! If you're wanting something personalized, have questions or need any assistance at all, just send Charisse an Etsy Convo... she'll be more than happy to help you!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own Easter Carrot Wall Hanging! Just use our easy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Charisse from The Paisley Petal Vegas for allowing me to adorn my home with this beautiful wall hanging and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck to all who enter!


Disclosure: Other than the above featured product, which I was sent free of charge by the sponsor, for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.


Couple of winners to announce this morning...
Vintage Couture with Jennifer: #205- Tamra C.
Just Jewelry Faith, Hope, Love Bracelet: #54- Tammy G.
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Just Jewelry (Review and Giveaway)

 Just Jewelry

Part of our Easter Parade Feature

Women have favorite times to get jewelry, Valentines Day, birthdays, anniversaries. I have an idea ladies, let’s add Easter to that list. I mean, wouldn’t you love to open one of those plastic eggs and find a new bracelet or pair of earrings?! I know I would!
Well, guess what? It just so happens that I have a great place to get jewelry to hide in those plastic eggs. Just Jewelry. Just Jewelry is a great company that is trying to help women on a budget look like a million bucks.  You can even earn free jewelry just by having a party!

I was lucky enough to work with consultant Maria Himes. Maria was great to work with. She promptly responded to all of my emails and made sure to check on when the jewelry arrived. Maria was nice enough to send me two accessories from Just Jewelry; The Lord’s Prayer bracelet and a gorgeous pair of new teardrop earrings.

I couldn’t wait to wear my Lords Prayer bracelet because I’ve really developed a love for sharing the word of God; thankfully I am lucky enough to work at a Lutheran school where God’s word is shared freely. I knew all the wonderful women I work with would love my Lord’s Prayer bracelet. They did, and for good reason, too. This bracelet is beautiful! It’s a silver wrap around with very sparkly jewels and engraved with the Lord’s Prayer. It even has two cute charms! This is a bracelet that can be worn every day or with your most fancy dress! I can’t wait to wear it with my Easter outfit!

I'm a ponytail kind of girl, and I feel that to truly rock the pony, you better have some “bling” in your ears so they don’t look naked. My new teardrop earrings are a perfect example of great ponytail bling. I adore my new earrings, and not just because they were a hit with our upper grade girls at school, but because they are silver, sparkly, and covered in “diamonds”. I mean, look how gorgeous they are!

Whether you are looking for the finishing touch to your Easter basket or your Easter outfit, Just Jewelry will have what you are looking for, and Maria will be hoppy to help you! Check out these great religious pieces, just perfect for Easter.

Super cool cross watch.

Cute Easter charm bracelet. 

Gorgeous stretchy cross ring.

Happy Easter! 

Want it? Buy it!
 Check out Just Jewelry with Maria and find your perfect piece. 

Want it? Win it!
One lucky reader will win their own Lord's Prayer bracelet. Just fill out the easy entry form below. Good luck!


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Scentsy by Patricia Inskeep-March Spotlight Sponsor

We, at Mommy's Block Party, love Scentsy. We have all gotten a chance to work with different Independent Consultants, learn their stories, and try out great Scentsy products. I had a chance to work with our March Spotlight Sponsor, Patricia. We love our MBP Spotlight Sponsors, click here to read more about Patricia! 

Scentsy is always surprising me with what they create. We love our Scentsy Buddies, I love my Solid Stick Perfume, and the Scent Packs are wonderful too! One of their newest creations is the Layers by Scentsy line of fragranced products for your skin to your clothes. Each layer works together so you can create your own personal fragrance. Patricia sent me a product from Layer 2, which are products that soothe and moisturize your skin.

My Scentsy by Patricia package has arrived!

The Layers by Scentsy Hand Creams are made with shea butter and aloe vera to help soften rough skin. They come in a convenient 3 ounce size, perfect for throwing in a purse, diaper bag, or even your car for a quick, refreshing, touchup for your hands. It is available in 6 different scents-Coconut Lemongrass, Enchanted Mist, Love Story, Luna, Quiver, and Sugar Cookie and retails for $6.

I could not wait to try out my Hand Cream. I usually have pretty rough hands during the winter months. We have had an incredibly unusual winter and I have not had to lather my hands as much, but it is always so nice to just rub on some lotion to smooth my skin in the morning before heading out or throughout the day. The Layers by Scentsy Hand Cream takes only a small dab to cover my hands, which means my container will last and I can continue to enjoy it for awhile. It is not a heavy cream, but is thick enough for my hands to feel really smooth and fresh. It is not oily or greasy either, I can apply the cream and get back to doing whatever in a matter of seconds, which means a lot to this busy mom!

Love Story is by far my favorite Scentsy scent! Pink jasmine, amber, and dark chocolate are combined for a scent of sweet smelling goodness. It is not too strong and lingers just the right amount for my preference.

There are so many wonderful Scentsy products available right now.
This is the #1 item on my Scentsy must-have list right now!

Want It? Buy It!
Patti would love to help you find some great Scentsy products. She can easily send you a catalog or find her here to place an order. You can also find her on Facebook, tons of fun recommendations from Patti. I just browsed through the Spring/Summer 2012 catalog and there are some great new finds like this guy, a perfect match for your Lenny the Lamb Scentsy Buddy. The March Monthly Special is Scentsy Buddy-Wellington the Duck. The March Scent of the Month is Sunlit Morning. All Monthly Specials are currently 10% off through the end of March, so hurry!

Want It? Win It!
One of our lucky MBP readers will win a Layers by Scentsy Hand Cream. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win- and be sure to complete all mandatory entry fields. Don't forget to check out all of the extra ways to earn entry points for this giveaway.

Thanks to Patricia with Scentsy for being a part of MBP Spotlight Sponsors. We are so grateful that you are sharing your wonderful products with us and our readers, we really appreciate it!

Thanks and Good Luck

Disclosure: Other than the Layers Hand Lotion that I was sent to review directly from this representative, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.