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Thirty-One Gifts with Robin (Review & Coupon Code)

In the spirit of getting myself organized for the new year, I set out to get my businesses organized. I am a consultant for two different direct sales companies, and have had a hard time staying organized since having Balian. I used to have a nice messenger type bag that I used to store files and the things I needed to meeting with recruits and making deliveries or even meeting with a hostess- then my company changed names and I realized I was going to have to order a very expensive mew bag, just to stay with the times! Being on a tight budget, I let it go and continued to use my old bag, with the old name... and everything started to become a disorganized nightmare!

My business bag started raveling at the seams, and the pockets were no longer large enough to hold the things I needed them to hold. The velcro was falling off, and the thing was so flimsy that when placed on any surface, it just fell right over. What's a business gal to do?

Just a few weeks ago, I was contacted by Robin Beelman, an Independent Distributor and team leader for Thirty-One Gifts (one of my favorite direct sales companies). I was excited to learn that Robin wanted to send me one of Thirty-One's Organizing Utility Totes to review. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! I have maybe three items from Thirty-One, and I absolutely love all of them, so I knew I was going to love and get a lot of use out of this new tote. I didn't know what style Robin would choose to send me, so I was in for a little surprise.

Not long after our initial correspondence, Robin had the tote in the mail and it was at my door within a matter of a few days. I was thrilled to see that she sent me an adorable, yet sassy and classy black and white striped tote with hot pink handles! I quickly unfolded the Organizing Utility Tote and placed it on my dining room table so I could admire it. I love, love, love this tote for so many reasons!

 The Organizing Utility Tote by Thirty-One Gifts

First off, the style is perfect- a rectangular shape, perfect for using as a tote or for hauling things around. The straps are lightweight, but are sturdy enough to help you do some heavy duty lifting, if need be. Second, the fabric is extremely durable. It's nice and thick, keeps its shape, holds up when weighed down, and if I make a mess (hey, spills happen!), I can take a damp cloth with a little dish soap to it, and it'll clean right up! Third, the best feature is all of the pockets this baby has! Thirty-One's Organizing Utility Tote is known for its awesome organization- this bag truly lives up to its name! The Organizing Utility Tote from Thirty-One Gifts features not two or even three, but seven outside pockets! There are three outer pockets across the back of the tote, two along the front, and two mesh pockets- one on each side of the tote. Oh, the things I could put into those pockets!

Of course, in order to truly review the Organizing Utility Tote, I would have to use it. So, I decided to transfer all of my Celebrating Home business materials from my old bag to the new tote. The Organizing Utility Tote from Thirty-One Gifts is truly the perfect bag to use for your business essentials! I have plenty of room to store catalogs, fliers, business cards, and more!

Check out my new Organizing Utility Tote all loaded up!

 Starting to add some things inside...

Putting my party prize cards in the side pocket- perfect spot!

All loaded up with catalogs, hostess packets, scent samples, business cards and more!

I love that I can store as little or as much as I want to in the organizing utility tote from Thirty-One Gifts! The fabric is extremely light, but it is incredibly durable. I can easily wipe it down if it encounters a spill or unexpected mess of yucky stuff. The pockets have got to be my favorite feature- they just hold so many things, and keep them in place. I've never lost anything out of this bag! The vibrant color combinations of this bag make it eye-catching, and added embroidery would make a statement, too! Oh, yes- you can personalize this bag any which way you please! Thirty-One has tons of fun, hip and pretty embroidery styles and colors to choose from, and the tote itself is available in twelve different patterns! I am going to keep using this bag for my business supplies. I actually plan to keep it stocked and in my car- because you never know when a business opportunity will present itself, and you definitely don't want to be empty-handed when someone asks you for info, samples, etc!

Though I am using this tote for my business, it can be used for all kinds of things! With all of the pockets, it would make a fantastic diaper bag! I think all of the moms at my church have one of these as their diaper bag! They would also make great beach bags, the perfect tote to take to the park, to the gym, to use as a little overnight tote when your kids go to grandma and grandpa's house to spend the night, etc! You could keep it in your car to organize snacks, wet wipes, toys, games, DVDs, and more! How about giving it as a gift- loaded with baby goods, loaded with cleaning products, loaded with welcome to the neighborhood essentials? The possibilities of the ways you can use the organizing utility tote from Thirty-One gifts are endless!

Want It? Buy It!

You can purchase a variety of styles of the Organizing Utility Tote from Thirty-One Gifts, and even have it personalized for an additional fee! There are also tons of other great products from Thirty-One that you seriously need to check out! From organizers to purses and luggage, Thirty-One has everything you need to keep your home, business and more organized and on track this year! Just head on over to Robin's Thirty-One website to start browsing and shopping. And don't forget- Robin is a pro at what she does, so if you have any questions about Thirty-One's products, becoming a hostess or joining Robin's team, just contact Robin! Also, look for Robin on Facebook!

Robin is offering everyone who would like to place an order 10% off their purchase! You must e-mail your order to Robin, as the coupon is not valid on her website. Just use the code MOMSPARTY when you send in your order!

Special thanks to Robin Beelman for allowing me the opportunity to review the Organizing Utility Tote and for offering this wonderful coupon to our readers!


Disclosure: Other than the tote I received to review directly from this representative, I was not compensated for facilitating my review of this product or company. All opinions expressed are my own, and your experience my differ from mine.

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  1. I LOVE my tote ~ it's my mobile office too, keeps everything handy! I got a hanging file folder basket that fits perfectly inside and have everything sorted and kabled in it!


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