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Smart Planet Eco-Oasis Water Bottle (Review & Giveaway)

Sometimes when I hear others talking about living a 'greener' life, I have visions of people throwing out or recycling everything they own and starting completely from scratch. I honestly think that some folks don't want to live 'greener' lives, because they think that they'll have to make a bunch of big changes all at once. For me, living a 'greener' life means making little changes from the products I use every day to the way I think and act. I feel charged and challenged to live a socially responsible life, to ensure that our planet is a safe and beautiful place for our children and all those who come after them. There are tiny steps we can all take that'll have a big impact on the earth and on our future.

I recently came across Smart Planet, a company who strives provide consumers with the right tools for simple, green living. Smart Planet brings its customers smart appliances and every day products to promote a smart environment and a smart planet. For fifteen years, Smart Planet has been offering smart and eco-friendly products that we use every day. Smart Planet believes that your own home is like your own private planet- so why not make it a smart, safe place to live?

I was asked to review Smart Planet's EcoOasis Foldable Water Bottle. At first, I thought- okay, I guess I could use a reusable water bottle. We don't buy bottled water. We have a filtered water pitcher, and a few reusable water bottles that we just fill up and take with us when we need them. What I didn't expect was how completely cool and practical the EcoOasis Foldable Water Bottle from Smart Planet would be. When it arrived, I read through the packaging- which contained a lot of helpful information about the product. The packaging itself is made from 37% recycled materials, and is 100% recyclable... so as soon as I post this review, the package will go into my recycling bin for mixed paper.

 My new EcoOasis Foldable Water Bottle from Smart Planet...

The EcoOasis Foldable Water Bottle is unique.It's made from a thin, yet durable and completely foldable plastic. It's BPA free, and you can literally take it anywhere! It has a little hole punched through the top of the water pouch, which a carabiner is looped through. You can attach it to pretty much anything you want. It isn't bulky, it's lightweight and super easy to transport. You can take the EcoOasis Foldable Water Bottle to work, take it in the car, take it to school, the gym, etc! The water bottle is even top rack dishwasher safe! Every momma loves things that can easily be cleaned by the dishwasher!

To use the EcoOasis Foldable Water Bottle from Smart Planet, you simply...


How easy is that!? Anyone can use the EcoOasis Foldable Water Bottle! It has a screw-top, for easy filling, and the top also pops up (I call it a squirty top) for drinking. There is a pop top cap that fits right over the squirty-spout, so your liquid is contained! I have loved using the EcoOasis Foldable Water Bottle. I have filled it up and taken it with me on many afternoon walks through the neighborhood, to the park, I take it with me to meetings (and everyone thinks it's super cool!), and someone else in my house loves it, too! Oh, yes- Balian (my 16 month-old son) absolutely loves the EcoOasis Foldable Water Bottle from Smart Planet! He thinks it's tons of fun to drink water from it, and throws little fits when it's empty!  I always have a hard time getting Balian to drink his water from a sippy cup, so I am thrilled that he'll drink it from this water bottle!

Take a look at just how much my sweet little man loves this water bottle...

Balian and the EcoOasis Foldable Water Bottle from Smart Planet are sometimes inseparable. 

I think everyone could benefit from having one of these neat water bottles. We are certainly enjoying ours. These would take up way less room in a lunch box or backpack than a traditional water bottle... and think of how many water bottles you'll save from being thrown in the trash (oh yes- they're recyclable, but many people still just toss them into their garbage can) and piling up in a landfill! Make a simple change in the way you do one thing- and it can have a big impact on the planet! Future generations will thank you!

The EcoOasis Foldable Water Bottle would make a cool gift, too! Stock up on them and give them to all of your friends! Take them when you go camping, on car trips, to the park, on walks, to the gym, stick it in your briefcase ( do people still use those?), etc!

Smart Planet also has a bunch of other cool products that are on my wish list!
Check these out...

 Cold & Hot Gift Set- I need these!

 This would be so great for traveling!

 Coolest lunch box I have ever seen! Perfect for the kids to take to school or for grownups to take to the office!

Home Innovations by Smart Planet. 
Think they don't have it? Think again!

 Cake pops are so trendy right now- save yourself time with one of these!

 Well, come on... who doesn't love a quesadilla?

There are lots of other great Eco products and Home Innovations available from Smart Planet, too!

Want It? Buy It!

You can purchase the EcoOasis Foldable Water Bottle, all of these featured products and many, many more at the Smart Planet website. They have lots of really cool products for you to browse! Take a tiny step for yourself and switch to eco-friendly products... you'll be setting a fabulous example to those around you, and you'll be taking steps to making this a better place for everyone to live.

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own EcoOasis Foldable Water Bottle from Smart Planet! Just use our handy entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to the gang at Smart Planet for allowing me to try out the EcoOasis Foldable Water Bottle, and for offering one to give away to our readers.

Good luck, everyone!


Disclosure: I was provided the EcoOasis Foldable Water Bottle free of charge for review purposes. I was not compensated for facilitating this review post. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with this product may differ.

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  1. I recycle and use reusable bags at the store.

  2. Recycle the bottles, re use plastic bags and teach our kids to do the same

  3. We started a compost container to use this spring on our little tomatoe plants. It really started out to be a science project for my daughter, she's homeschooled. But now she wants to try and have a small garden this spring/summer.

  4. We use cloth diapers, use eco-friendly personal care and cleaning products (including making our own cleaning products/detergent), and are moving generally toward making our home greener by using less paper, recycling, etc.

  5. We recycle cans, plastic and paper
    sandy1955 at comcast dot net

  6. We recycle paper, card, packaging etc. Always take bags out with us to the shops so we don't need to use plastic bags. We also have a compost heap and will be starting our own vege patch this year. Cant wait to teach our little one the importance of growing your own fruit and veg. We also have triple glazing windows, fully insulated house and we have an air filter system/vents to ensure we are energy efficient.


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