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Plexus Slim Review

Debra was wonderful to send me my very own 3 day trial of Plexus Slim. I am very impressed by Plexus Slim's all natural way to lost weight-no caffeine, no stimulants, no meal replacements, and no shakes. I weighed and measured myself the first day. Then, each morning around 9ish, I took my Plexus Slim and the Accelerator before I had a quick bite to eat. The Plexus Slim was easy to use and had a nice flavor in my water.  I did not do anything more than I normally do, I still did 3 miles on the treadmill, ate the same, drank the same (maybe added a tad more water, but not much) and at the end of my 3 three day trial of Plexus Slim, I lost 1/2 a pound and 1/2 an inch.

Plexus Slim
W/ Debra Lawson & Melissa Stevens
As I have mentioned before I am a plus size girl, so when we were
asked to review Plexus Slim I was intrigued. I’ve lost weight before
but I always fall off the track because my will-power is zilch. When I
read up on Plexus and it claimed to give me more energy and increase
my will-power over food, I was excited!
Plexus is an all-natural supplement that claims to help you burn fat
and not muscle keep your lipids, blood sugar, and cholesterol at
healthy levels. All without shakes, meal replacements, caffeine, or
I never emailed or spoke to Debra Lawson or Melissa Stevens but they
sent me a lovely letter with my packet of samples. I also received a
plethora of informational pamphlets on Plexus Slim. My favorite
pamphlet was the Plexus Pink pamphlet, it was all about breast health.
It even had directions on how to do a self-exam.
The directions for the Plexus were simple. On the first day put on
your tightest fitting outfit, take it off and get dressed, eat a
little breakfast, then around 9am drink your Plexus and take the
accelerator. On the fourth day of the drinks and accelerator put your
tight outfit back on and see how it fits.
On Monday, I got up and put on my tightest outfit and had a little
breakfast. Around 9:30am I made my drink and took my accelerator. The
drink smelled and tasted really good! It was really sweet and actually
tasted a little like Kool Aid.  The drink was super easy to use as
well, no blender or spoon needed. You just open the little packet,
dump it into a water bottle (take a drink or two first) and shake.
Sadly around 10am I started to have some serious side effects. My lips
were numb, my body was tingly, and I was ready to fall over and take a
nap. The side effects didn’t disappear until around 8pm. Needless to
say I didn’t continue for the rest of 4 day trial because I can’t be
fully focused when I feel like that and as a teacher I owe it to my
students to give them 100%.
While my experience wasn’t what I was hoping for, I am still excited
for people who try Plexus Slim. Just look at the success stories
online, including Debra Lawson’s. Debra has lost over 60lbs! Go Debra!
She even had her husband start it, and he is now off his insulin
shots. How awesome is that!
I’d really like to thank Debra and Melissa for working with us and
offering a great giveaway!

Disclosure: Other than the product I was sent directly, I was not
compensated to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and
your experience may differ.

Brittany's Experience
When we were all given the opportunity to try Plexis Slim, I was initially excited for the chance to shed a few pounds. Like Jess, I am also a Plus-Sized gal, and could really stand to lose some weight and while I have done it before, then second time around seems to be so much harder. After saying yes that I would like to review Plexis Slim, I talked it over with my husband and family, who were concerned with the fact that we have decided to try and start our family. I didn't want to take anything that would interfere with our chances of getting pregnant. So, what's a gal to do? Well, I do have a husband don't I? After making sure that this type of Plexis Slim was safe for my hubby to take, I made sure he was into it.

Cory is a bigger guy, and while his weight doesn't bother me, I know it bothers him. He jumped at the opportunity to try something to help him lose weight and maintain his appetite. He always eats breakfast at work, so I made sure to pack him a banana to eat along with whatever else he had decided to take for breakfast. After taking the supplements for the 6 days, Cory noticed a difference in his energy levels, more energy, but not the type that comes from harmful drugs in weight loss supplements. He said he felt like his meals were keeping him sustained longer and was not snacking at work. He didn't change anything about his daily routine, didn't exercise, but he still managed to lose 5lbs with which he was very pleased. Cory was happy with the quick results he gained from using Plexis Slim, and recomends this to anyone who is looking to make a change in their weight and life.

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