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Oh, Technology!

Yesterday, I had a technology day from you-know-where! First off, our Samsung flat screen TV is presumed dead. When we try to turn it on, we just get the 'black screen of death,' as it's called by other customers who have had the same problem. Going on three years old, it's way beyond the warranty, and it would cost us around $200 to try to get it fixed. Grrr! This happened right after Balian was born- and then a couple of months later, it started working again. I don't hold much hope that that will happen again, though. The power button is on the front, and Balian has mashed it so many times that he probably sped up its demise. So, we're saving for a new television and reading a whole bunch of consumer reports and reviews before we bite the bullet and make a purchase (oh yeah- product reviews are super important to some folks!).

My laptop was also on the fritz yesterday, and when I tried to get on my hubby's desktop to do a little work, it froze, shut itself down and went into some weird mode for a couple of hours. My new laptop battery arrived yesterday, and I am happy to have it... just wish it would last more than just a couple of hours at a time. While talking to my dad yesterday, my smart phone shut itself off mid-conversation and I had to take the battery out to get it to turn back on. To top it all off, Balian tossed the remote control to our DVD player, hooked up to the television in our bedroom, into the toilet. Luckily, it still works.

Seriously, universe... come on! Must be trying to tell me that I rely way too much on technology.

Have you had any technological issues lately?


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  1. Thanks for stopping in at Frugal Stepmom.
    Not too funny about your TV, but ours was killed in a power surge, my brother was able to get us the part for $130 and installed it. SO much cheaper than buying a new TV. Our model is UN55B6000VFXZA, the part we needed to get was the master board, it has a model # something like this: BN94-02657. Works perfect now - HTH!

    Have a wonderful day – Alyssa @ Frugal Stepmom


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