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Happy Changer by Hulabye (Review)

There are so many things I absolutely love about being a momma... but diaper changes aren't one of them. From making sure you don't get tinkled on (even more fun if you're momma to a little boy) to making sure the diaper rash cream gets rubbed in properly, it can be messy and tough on even the most experienced parent or grandparent. The last thing any caregiver wants to have to worry about during a diaper change is a little wiggly bum (which makes diaper changing oh, so difficult) or worse, a roll off the changing pad.

Thankfully, parents everywhere can rest easy when it come to diaper changes, thanks to the Happy Changer by Hulabye. Hulabye's Happy Changer was designed by mom and physician Erin Kelly, who just wanted a safe and easy way to keep her wiggly baby still- long enough to get through a diaper change. She searched high and low on the internet for such a product, and couldn't find one, so she sketched her own design, got out her sewing machine, and the Happy Changer was born!

Happy Changer right out of the package...

I was lucky enough to receive my own Happy Changer for review. I was thrilled for the opportunity to try the Happy Changer out, because Balian has been making diaper changes totally difficult from the very first second he figured out he could roll over. The Happy Changer fits over most standard changing pads, and Velcros closed. A little 'vest' is sewn to the front of the Happy Changer. You simply lie your baby down on the changing pad, pull their sweet little arms through the vest, and secure it closed by the Velcro on the front. This makes the Happy Changer secured to the changing pad, and your baby secured to the changing pad, by the Happy Changer. Genius! This keeps your baby still while you change his/her diaper! Baby can still move their arms and legs, they just can't roll over or sit up. No more gross messes, and no more accidents!

Happy Changer out of the package and ready to go...

 Handy 'How to Hulabye' instructions on the back of the packaging...

 Happy Changer on the changing pad...

I knew that using the Happy Changer might make Balian angry, as he's an older baby- really transitioning into being a toddler, but it was definitely worth it to me to give it a shot! He didn't like not being able to site up or roll over to grab whatever was close to him, but it did keep him still. I was able to clean up his yucky mess, get a fresh diaper on (and get it on right the first time!), and get his pants back up in about a minute and a half! That was the best diapering experience of my life!
Putting the Happy Changer to the test. Results: One happy mommy!

I'm sure the Happy Changer would work like a dream with younger babies! I'm not letting go of the Happy Changer. With plans for another baby in the next year or two, I'll absolutely be using it again. Actually, I'm going to keep on using it with Balian until we start potty training in a couple of months.

Happy Changer...

The Happy Changer is super soft, and is available in five flannel patterns and three minky solids. I chose the Blue/Green/Brown Polka Dots flannel pattern for Balian, and have been happy with that choice. The colors match the colors that are already used to decorate his room (which I feel that I can no longer call a nursery). There are lots of other bright and colorful designs, mod designs and subtle solids to match any nursery decor!

The Happy Changer is a must-have for all parents! I wish I'd known about the Happy Changer when Balian was much smaller! The Happy Changer would make a wonderful gift for a baby shower... and it would even be a great thing to give to new grandparents! I tip my momma hat to Hulabye and the Happy Changer, and I will definitely be sharing about it with all of my mommy friends and family!

Want It? Buy It!

You can purchase the Happy Changer on the Hulabye website. While you're there, check out How to Hulabye! Be sure to give Hulabye a like on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter, too!

Special thanks to Hulabye for allowing me to review the Happy Changer and for introducing me to a stress-free diaper changing helper!


Disclosure: Other than the Happy Changer that I received directly from Hulabye, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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