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Winter Wreath Project

I think making your own wreaths is a really fun and inexpensive way to add a little sparkle to your home. I like to hang wreaths on my front door for every holiday or season that comes our way. It's a wonderful, cheery greeting to guests and the people who ride by your home will notice and smile warmly at the thought that you care enough to take the time to hang it.

While we lived in Maryland, we were barraged with not one, but two huge snowstorms- one of them named a blizzard. I felt it was only appropriate to hang a wintery wreath on our ugly red door, but I didn't have one. I decided to make my own, which was really very easy to do.

I headed out to the local craft store- happened to be a Michaels, picked up a small grapevine wreath, some white paint, and then looked for little snowflake or wintery craft pieces. I found a pretty snowflake ornament on sale after Christmas, and then found some different colored foam snowflakes, so I grabbed those, too. The total cost was around $11.00.

 Here's what I started with- the wreath, paint, snowflakes and ribbon.

 I lightly 'painted' the wreath with the white paint. I only wanted a mere covering, letting the original wreath still show through for a rustic look. I found some silver glitter paint, which I brushed over the white paint after it had fully dried.

 Wreath after being painted...

Next, I simply removed the adhesive backing from the foam snowflakes, and began placing them around the wreath, arranged the way I wanted them. I hung the snowflake ornament so that it would hang down in the middle of the wreath, for all to see.

 Snowflakes are on!

And that was it! I attached a white and silver sparkly cord ribbon to hang it with, and put it on the front door! Our neighbors quite enjoyed it!

Finished wreath

So, there you have it- a simple, quick and easy project you can do alone or with the kids this weekend. Change it up and make it your own! It'll surely add a little winter sparkle to your home!



  1. Beautiful and great idea!

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  4. Super cute wreath O! I make one at the beginning of the school year with the kids handprints. I just have them trace their hands on a bunch of different colored paper then I cut them out and glue them together. It looks like this when they are finished. (Only much more "little kiddish")


  5. This is pretty! I'll have to keep this in mind for next Christmas.


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