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Stella's Design Review and Giveaway

As a new mommy, I wanted to do everything in my power to give the very best to my son. After listening to stories from other moms and taking a helpful and informative class, I decided that I absolutely wanted to breastfeed Balian. Breastfeeding offers your child the very best nutrition possible, which is a wonderful gift to a newborn. Besides the nutritional values of breast milk, breastfeeding has many benefits for mommy, including weight-loss, and is just an absolutely beautiful way to connect with your baby.

After Balian and I got the hang of breastfeeding, I felt like I could just sit around and nurse him all day. I loved that he was attached to me in this sweet way, and that we had special time that was for just the two of us. We cuddled, and he fell asleep on my lap round the clock for the first several weeks of his life. After about four weeks had passed and our pediatrician gave us the green light to take Balian out in public, I was excited and nervous. I had heard that breastfeeding was so convenient, because you always had milk with you and could just feed your baby on demand. That being very true, I had mixed feelings about breastfeeding in public. I am a very reserved girl, so I just didn't know if I had the guts to 'whip it out' in public to feed my baby in front of other people.

Thankfully, these days there are beautiful aids for breastfeeding when you have to be out in public with your sweet little ones. Stella Gilbert, owner of Stella's Design sent me an absolutely beautiful Bella Mama Nursing Cover to review for all of you! When I first began nursing, I didn't have a nursing cover, but once I began nursing Balian in public, I realized how much I needed one! The nice thing about having a nursing cover is that you can nurse anytime, anywhere and you'll feel comfortable doing it.

 Butter Cup Yellow/Grey Nursing Cover from Stella's Design

Stella chose to send me the beautiful Butter Cup Yellow/Grey nursing cover from her collection. It came to me beautifully packaged, nicely folded and wrapped with a ribbon, which held the Bella Mama (beautiful mama) logo on it from Stella's Design. I love that she reminds us mommas that we are all beautiful! The 100% cotton fabric is a vibrant, beautiful print with a bold yellow background and lovely grey and white flowers. The strap and top boarder are in a coordinating grey. The strap is adjustable, which means that this nursing cover is extremely versatile.

Me, modeling the Butter Cup Yellow/Grey Nursing Cover 

Notice the pockets- the slits/openings for nursing are underneath.

What makes the nursing covers from Stella's Design so interestingly unique is that they are meant for the baby to be outside of the actual nursing cover, which is made possible by two things... First, the are two slits, one for each breast strategically located on the nursing cover. Each slit is covered by a wide pocket, each containing two buttons at the top, and which are open on both sides. So, your baby just sort of rests underneath/inside the pockets. Since the pockets do not fully close on the top, and are just secured by the buttons, you can see your baby while you are nursing him or her, plus- you are 100% covered. You could even just sort of push the pocket to the side, if you wanted to do that... and then you would be covered by your baby, and also by the pocket cover. You can nurse discreetly, yet openly in comfort and in style, all while bonding with your baby. How beautiful it is to bond with your baby this way! I finally gave up on the nursing cover I had, because Balian hated, and I do mean absolutely hated being underneath the cover. I am so excited to have this new nursing cover from Stella's Design, because I plan on breastfeeding baby #2 (whenever that'll be), and now I can do that comfortably, anywhere I please, and I'll still be able to see the baby, and have him or her see me as well.

Another lovely (self-taken) shot of me wearing my beautiful new nursing cover! 
I so love the design and the print!

Stella's Design's Nursing Covers are priced fairly at $35.00, and there are currently seven styles to choose from, many of them being suitable for either gender, and just a couple of them being gender specific. Choose from beautiful floral designs or fun animals! Every mommy who plans to breastfeed or is currently breastfeeding deserves to have one of these gorgeous covers. The nursing covers from Stella's Design come beautifully packaged, so that they are ready to be given as gifts. If you know an expecting mommy, or a new mommy who plans to or is currently breastfeeding, why not give them one of Stella's nursing covers as a gift? It would make a beautiful baby shower gift, or a gift to a mommy who has just come home. If you're a nurse or lactation consultant, these would make beautiful gifts or prizes to give to your students.

 Baby Barefoots: June

Baby Barefoots: Zoe

Along with the gorgeous and chic nursing covers, Stella's Design offers beautiful shower gifts, accessories for flower girls, baby accessories, headbands and more! Stella's Design is simply heavenly, a must see for all mommies! Stella's newest addition to her product line are her Baby Barefoot Sandals, which are absolutely unique and beautiful! These 'sandals' show off your beautiful little one's sweet baby feet, by adding a touch of elegance and glamor! They range in price from $14 to $26, and these are all hand-sewn! Imagine how adorable your sweet little princess would look with these on her feet! They are simply a must for photos this spring and summer, or for anytime! I can't wait for someone in my family to have a baby girl so I can purchase some of these gorgeous Baby Barefoots!

Want It? Buy It?

You can purchase your very own beautiful Nursing Cover, Bay Barefoot Sandals any many more wonderful items for mom and baby on Stella's Design's website! If you have any questions, just contact Stella Gilbert through her site. She is such a sweet person, whom I have enjoyed working with. She'll be happy to help you!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own pair of Baby Barefoot Sandals from Stella's Design. Just use our easy entry form below to enter to win! Be sure to complete all mandatory entry fields!

Special thanks to Stella Gilbert for allowing me to review this beautiful Nursing Cover, and for offering this wonderful giveaway to our readers!

Good luck, everyone!


Disclosure: I was sent the above featured item directly from the shop owner. I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with this product may differ.

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  1. I don't have any little one's yet but I hope to be able to have these to put up for when it happens :) Love them!

  2. I LOVE the baby barefoots! How cute! I have a 5 month old granddaughter and another granddaughter almost ready to enter the world. I want these for them!! :)

  3. the dorothy shoes are too stinkin' cute! Almost enough to make me want to try for another girl (almost!!! lol).



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