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So forth and so on...

We're not totally sure what happened today. Our beloved Facebook fan page for The Mommy Blog was deleted by the powers that be. We're not sure what we did or who we ticked off to warrant our page being deleted without warning, but alas- it is no more! So, here we are... same blog, same content, same mission- but with a new name and a new 'temporary' look! I say temporary look, because I know that we're going to be looking into a custom design package for our blog in the new year. Exciting times! We're really sad that our FB fan page is just gone, along with our 1400 + fans/likers. We just hope that everyone will find their way to our new FB page: Mommy's Block Party and give us a like! Sometimes I wish Facebook weren't such a big deal, but in the blogging world, it's a necessity! We have also built a really wonderful community of moms and friends who support each other, and we definitely want that back and want that to continue... we need your help to do it, though!

True, this is a setback, and it has thrown a little wrench into my personal blogger review schedule for this week, but we're going to rise above whatever this nonsense was today and carry on. We're moms and friends, and that's what we do in annoying situations! So, here's to you, our loyal readers... thanks for sticking with us and please continue to bear with us as we rebuild what we have lost. We still have lots of wonderful reviews and giveaways coming up this week on Mommy's Block Party, so be sure to check in daily... because this is where the party's at!


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