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Pine Branch Designs

Pine Branch Designs
      Snap, Crunch, Crackle, ugh there are so many falling branches in my yard from this crazy wind we've had lately. There are several large branches that have fallen in our yard that we have gathered up for fire wood, but you can only gather so much, right? What do you do with all of those pesky branches and twigs? You could throw them away, but with all of the talk of recycling going around, shouldn't we do something better. Well, Cindy with Pine Branch Designs thought of it. What is IT? What is it that I am now so excited about, I just can't stop telling people about it?  IT is, Natural Pine Branch Gift Tags!

Natural Pine Branch Tags

Cindy with Pine Branch Designs decided that she would use the fallen branches in her yard and cut them down to create natural gift tags. It's such a wonderful idea since we could all use a little "green" in our lives. When I received the Natural Gift Tags, I carefully unwrapped the bag and took the tags out to reveal beautiful tags with handwritten messages on them and twine to tie them to the gifts!  With little messages like thanks, and enjoy it was easy for me to find the perfect gift to go with the tag.

You're Welcome!

The tags are small enough in size to fit a gift box and not look bulky, but large enough to fit any sizegift bag and no matter the size of the gift, Natural Pine Branch Gift Tags are sure to be the talk of the party or your gift giving ventures. And let me just say, that people will forget in a year or two what gift you gave them, but they won't forget that beautiful tag on the gift, what was it again? HE HE! There are several people that will be receiving these tags from me this year, but I also thought, wouldn't it make a great gift? We don't just give gifts at Christmas, we give them year round. When talking to several people, I got the impression that not a month goes by that there isn't some one in their lives, that isn't having a birthday, graduation, christening, shower, or something, and having the Natural Pine Branch Tags around would be wonderful to just grab and go! Especially for those times that you forget a card. Which I always do!

I immediately knew whose gift I was going to tag first, I grabbed the HUGE bag with the cute little snowmen, and figured out exactly where I wanted to put the tag. I pulled out my sharpie pen, I secretly have a love affair with sharpies, guess it's not a secret anymore! I quickly wrote a small note on one of the tags and placed in the spot I had picked out. The gift is for my adorable nephew, and knowing his mom, my sister, she will want to keep the tag and put it in a scrapbook! Which I thought would be another great use for the Natural Gift Tags, putting them in a scrapbook, to mark new and old memories. Balian's gift is complete, and the tags make the gift more personal.

Balian's Tag

The Natural Pine Branch Gift Tags, are a perfect finish to any gift. Do you have burly man in your life, these tags are sure to please them! How about a little princess, or girly girl, you could add a little sparkle to the tag, or use a different color marker to give it a different look. How about just writing a name on the tag, and adding a leather string, then the tag can easily be turned into a bracelet or necklace, that is sure to please. I really love Cindy's Natural Pine Branch Gift Tags, she turned a lawn full of twigs and branches into a beautiful idea that I am so glad that I had the opportunity to share with everyone! Thank you Cindy for allowing me to review these beautiful wood tags, and tanks to Cindy, one of you awesome readers, is going to win a set of tags!! YAY!!!


Disclosure: I was sent the above mentioned review item direct from the sponsor. I was not monetarily compensated for my review. The opinions in this review are solely my own, your opinion and experience may differ than the one above.

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