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Jumping on the Interior Design Colorblocking Trend

Guest post written by Ameila Black

It's so interesting how a lot of the trends in fashion seem to go over to interior design too. But I guess that a whole bunch of fashionable people probably also care a whole lot more about how their homes look too. I'm kind of what you could call fashionable and I'm always looking to improve my home's interior design. I just think that it's so much fun, plus it's something that my whole family can enjoy.

I like to find little things to put in my home that just remind me of my family members too. I was online trying to do that when I ran across some info on www.homeproimprovement.com and after that I decided to use them to replace our siding. We've put it off for so long that we shouldn't any longer.

I got the idea to use the color blocking trend in my daughter's bedroom because she gravitates towards anything that's really bright. She loves the idea. Now I just have to narrow it down to two colors so it won't be so crazy.

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