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Honeycat Cosmetics Review & Giveaway

When I'm ready to get all gussied up for my holiday parties, and even Christmas Eve, I sort of like to take an hour or so just for myself. Time like this is hard to come by when you have children, so when I can steal away for a few minutes, I try my very best to make it count, which includes a few minutes of ultimate relaxation. For me, the ultimate way to relax is to take a nice warm bath or a super hot shower. Plain old water is great when I'm bathing, but why not add to my experience by using some amazing bath and body products while I'm at it, and while I have the chance!

One of my favorite brands is Honeycat Cosmetics, which features safe, sexy, hip and good-for-your-skin products! Brooklyn-born Terry created these products with us gals in mind... she is absolutely earth-conscious, but says, 'green doesn't have to be boring!' With these amazing bath and body products, any girl will instantly feel beautiful, sexy and ready to prowl!

 My new bath and body products from Honeycat Cosmetics...

I was lucky enough to receive four of Terry's favorite Honeycat products to review for our Holiday Gift Guide! I was sent the On the Prowl Peach Brandy Shower Gel, the Warm Milk Martini Moisturizing Powdered Milk Bath, Sweet Potato Pie Bubble Stuff and the Chocolate Bath Melt Treats. As you can imagine, I had a lot of luxuriating to do to be able to write this review! The entire package came to me wrapped in cheeta print tissue paper, which I thought was a really cute touch! Before I decided what I wanted to try first, I had to smell everything! Then, it was off to the powder room to try these new products!

Warm Milk Martini Moisturizing Powdered Milk Bath

I decided to try the Warm Milk Martini Moisturizing Powdered Milk Bath first. This powdered milk bath is made with buttermilk, goats milk and coconut milk powder, plus a hint of lime, as well as essential vitamins and oils. I ran my bath water, and then added just a couple of cap-fulls of the powdered milk. Once the tub was full, I slipped into my bath and just enjoyed a lovely soak. I've never had a milk bath before, but let me tell you something- this was the best bath I've ever had! The milk bath left my skin feeling so silky and smooth, that I made a promise to myself that I'd set time aside for a milk bath every week! Maybe next time I'll have a yummy martini ready to sip when I get out of the tub... it'd definitely be appropriate!

 On the Prowl Peach Brandy Shower Gel

The next morning, I decided to go ahead and try to On the Prowl Peach Brandy Shower Gel. This shower gel is unlike any I have ever tried before! It's a nice consistency, and it really does smell like a yummy peach liquor! It's not too thick, but it creates a nice lather, and I can kill two birds with one stone and use it for shaving, too! You all know that I like to cut out extra steps if I can while showering... mornings are hectic at our house! Not only does this shower gel leave the person who uses it smelling delicious all day, it's loaded with shea butter, mango butter and lots of other great goodies for your skin, so you can imagine how awesome and creamy my skin felt all day after using it! This is my absolute new favorite shower gel! I wouldn't want to prowl without it!

Sweet Potato Pie Bubble Stuff

Another bath night, I tried the Sweet Potato Pie Bubble Stuff. I do love a good bubble bath, and the Bubble Stuff doesn't disappoint! My bath was loaded with great-smelling suds, and allowed me a relaxing soak! I love that I can take a bath, pour in a little bit of this yummy Bubble Stuff and relax while my skin is being moisturized, and while I'm getting all nice and squeaky clean! Loaded with aloe and shea butter, this mixture is the purrfect recipe for relaxation!

Chocolate Bath Melts: 8/Box

I saved the most intriguing product for last. I was so excited to receive the Chocolate Bath Melt Treats from Honeycat Cosmetics! This zero calorie chocolate treat came all wrapped up with a pink bow... just like an expensive box of chocolates! It has a clear window in the lid, so you can see the bath melt treats before you even open them! They seriously look and smell good enough to eat... and I even had to remind myself that they were for the bath! White chocolate squares with chocolate drizzle met my senses as I opened the treat box. I couldn't wait to get back into the tub to try these! I dropped one into a warm bath, and slipped in... this bath just took relaxation to a new level for me! These melts do literally melt right into the bath, and they just left my skin feeling so good! They are made with mango butter, cocoa butter, aloe, Vitamin E and fragrance. My husband commented on how much softer and silkier my skin felt after my bath, and on how so yummy I smelled! I love these melts so much that I want to keep a stash on hand for romantic evenings!

I don't think I can go back to a bath without Honeycat Cosmetics... it would end up being a disappointment, and trust me... this is coming from a gal who has spent a lot of money on tons of different bath products!
These sweet bath products would make wonderful gifts this holiday season! I have a couple of girls in mind who I know would love the Bubble Stuff, and a certain gal or two who would melt over the bath melts! It'll be hard for me to narrow it down when choosing products for my friends and family this year, because everything Honeycat has to offer looks so good! If you've already picked out gifts, why not fill up stockings with these great products? They'd be wonderful for all of the girls in your family- from the tweens to the young at heart! I know the sweet little honeycats in my life are going to love their Honeycat Cosmetic gifts this Christmas!

Want It? Buy It!

You can purchase these yummy Honeycat products directly from the Honeycat Cosmetics website. While you're there, take a look around at all of the other wonderful products Honeycat has to offer! I love the Honeycat website- it's so sassy and fun! And don't forget... put a little 'meow' in someone's life this holiday season by giving them the gift of Honeycat Cosmetics!

Want It? Win It!

Two lucky Mommy's Block Party readers will win their very own set of Sweet Potato Pie Bubble Stuff, Chocolate Bath Melt Treats, On the Prowl Peach Brandy Shower Gel and Warm Milk Martini Moisturizing Powdered Milk Bath! How awesome is this!? Christmas is coming early for two of our readers! Just use our super easy entry form below this post to enter to win these products!

Special thanks to Terry of Honeycat Cosmetics for introducing me to these wonderful and luxurious products and for offering this truly fabulous giveaway for our readers!

Good luck, everyone!


Disclosure: I was sent the above mentioned products directly from the owner of this company. I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with these products may differ.


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  2. I would love to try the Sex and the Kitty Gift Set.


  3. The Chocolate Bath Melts look so good!!!

  4. Meow Mojo Magic Bath Salt look divine


  5. I agree with Erin! The Meow Mojo Magic Bath Salt. I love soaking in the tub.


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