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ZooZatz Review & Giveaway

Indiana weather is so much fun, no sarcasm at all. I mean really, today is in the high 60's, tomorrow the high is supposed to be in the 70's, and in the 40's by Friday. Last week it ranged from a low of 30 degrees to a high of 71 degrees. Welcome to Indiana Fall!
Last week, we pulled out some of our winter gear and added a few new pieces in. A few of these new pieces came from a company called ZooZatz. I worked with Katie, who is super helpful and had some great recommendations. Thanks Katie!
ZooZatz is hat company, a really cool hat company, started in 2009, up in Minnesota. They carry adult and kid sized hats in many different styles-famous characters, animals, and college mascot (our favorite category). These are knit hats, lined with polar fleece and are all machine washable and line or tumble dry-able.
My kids had an awesome time looking at all the choices online and picking their favorite. Scarlett, of course, wanted something pink. Beckett, on the other hand took a little more thought. See below for our dilemma and final choices.
The day they came in the mail, you might have thought it was Christmas or something. Both kids tore into the bag and immediately put on their hats, this is where they remained for the rest of the day, even through naps and playing. They are being worn in the house as much as outside.
These hats are super warm and snuggly, we put them to good use last week while out running errands in the rain and cold weather. They kept the kiddos toasty warm, ears were fully covered, and nobody complained they were cold. They also received a TON of compliments on their headgear and many people asked where they came from. My kids could not have been any prouder of their ZooZatz hats!
Our choices:
Scarlett chose the Infant Pink Sock Monkey
My little pink monkey!
Beckett requested to do an elimination to figure his choice out. He had picked out 10 that he liked and narrowed it down, here are some that we loved, but did not make the final cut.
University of Iowa Hawkeyes (Made Beckett's Final 2)
University of Florida Gators
University of Arkansas Razorbacks
University of Oregon Ducks
Duke Blue Devils

And the winner is...

The University of Southern California-USC Trojans!
We only wish ZooZatz would have been licensed to create Beckett's favorite college-Purdue.
Here is to hoping maybe someday, I know who will be first in line!

The weather may have warmed up a bit from hat weather, but guaranteed to be pulled out again later this week for another run and as Beckett has already claimed "these will be great in all the snow". I am positive we will have more compliments and questions about where I found them, I will be sure to let them know how much we are loving our ZooZatz!

Want It? Buy It!
You can pick up a ZooZatz hat of your very own. They have a large selection of kids and adult character hats. The College Mascot hats are not available online but can be purchased in campus retailers, larger retailers, sporting good stores, and other online retailers.

Want It? Win It!
Two lucky Mommy Blog followers will win an incredibly unique and adorable ZooZatz hat!
Just use the handy entry form below to enter to win!

Curious George
Adult, Unisex, One size fits most
Recommended ages 5 and up, 24-25" circumference
Machine Washable
Polar Fleece Lined
University of Wisconsin Badgers
Adult, Unisex, One size fits most
Recommended ages 5 and up, 24-25" circumference
Machine Washable
Polar Fleece Lined

You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, or their own Blog!

Special thanks to Katie Ross from ZooZatz for providing such a great piece of fall/winter gear for my kiddos, and for offering this wonderful giveaway to all our followers!

Best of Luck!

Disclosure: I was sent the above featured products directly from the company. I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with these products may differ


  1. sooo adorable i want the monkey!!!

  2. I would want the curious george one of course! my son is a big CG fan hehe. The badger one is cool too, and my son wont care that its a team mascot so it would be fine too if the curious george one wasnt available lol


  3. I love the curious george hat. My son outgrew his monkey hat from last year and his nickname is monkey so that would be perfect!

  4. They are a copy of the original animal hats Knitwits who they worked for at the Denver Ski show two years ago...They were going to rep the knitwits line but ended up running with the idea themselves saying they " needed to put bread on the table"

    Stephen Acheson


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