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Bannerparty.com Review

~Proud Sponsor of Balian's 1st Birthday Bash~

When trying to come up with a theme for Balian's 1st birthday party, I toyed with everything from dinosaurs to The Cat In the Hat. Eventually, I settled on a theme, which was right under my nose the entire time I was brainstorming. I decided not to make things too hard on myself and stick with a jungle safari theme. Balian loves animals, and he's a wild little man, so it turned out to be quite appropriate. Of course, I was on a mission to find the cutest party accessories I could find. I hit every run of the mill party website and local store on the hunt for safari themed party supplies. Everything I came across looked so generic and boring. I didn't want a 'blah' party, and wasn't about to settle for ordinary party decor!

With my heart still set on the jungle safari party, I took to Etsy and started looking for unique finds. I happened upon a cute little shop called Painted With Heart, owned by Mary. As I looked through her shop, I saw that Mary created many beautiful and whimsical party banners, all hand painted onto canvas. When asked if she might like to participate in Balian's birthday bash, Mary excitedly agreed! I sort of wanted to be surprised by what Mary sent me, so other than checking with her on the banner personalization, I sort of left things alone and waited with anticipation for the banner to arrive.

Balian's Jungle Banner...

The day the banner arrived at our house was very exciting. I carefully opened the package and slid the banner out, then unrolled it and held it up to examine it. I was immediately in love! I couldn't believe that this super cute and beautifully painted banner was being given to us for Balian's party! I loved everything about it: the colors, the animals, the zebra border, the ribbons, etc. The zebra border couldn't have worked more perfectly with the party decorations!

Here's how the banner looked with the rest of the party decor...

When the party day arrived and everyone gathered together, our guests loved the banner, as well! Everyone was talking about it and wondering where I got such an adorable decoration. I was happy to tell them all about Mary and her hand painted banners. The banner remained a conversation piece through out the entire party. It'll be a conversation piece at my house, too- the banner matches Balian's room perfectly, so it's a wonderful addition to his jungle at home. Now every time I walk into his room, I am greeted by cute animal friends right at the door!

Animal noses photo props...

Not only did Mary send us the wonderful banner, she sent us adorable animal nose photo props! What fun we had being silly with these animal noses at the party! It was so fun to see the adults taking pictures 'wearing' the noses! Balian thinks they're funny, so we've been playing with them a lot at home! If I can keep them from being wrecked by Balian the Destroyer, I'm sure they'll provide us with many more hours of fun.

Zebra straws...

And as if if all of that wasn't enough... Mary also sent along zebra stripe straws! Our guests enjoyed sipping their leopard lemonade through the zebra straws! These straws and the animal noses were both a special surprise. I didn't know Mary was sending them, but I am so glad she did... they added a lot of fun to a very special afternoon!

Mary's passion for party banners and decor has made her very successful. Her work has even been recognized by HGTV! Her website, bannerparty.com is going to be my first stop for party needs from here on out. Bannerparty.com has tons of great party theme ideas, as well as unique banners and accessories. Many of Mary's original hand painted work has been printed, and is available for purchase through her site. There are many banner options to choose from vinyl to paper and canvas. Bannerparty.com also carries a variety of party supplies and goodies like:

Ribbon Wands
Party Favors
Growth Charts
Party Packages
Yard Signs
Wall Letters
Cupcake Wraps
Toppers & Tags
Candy Wrappers

There's even a Bannerparty Blog! You have to check it out! It has great advice and ideas on how to create a fabulous party on a budget!

Check out some of these other great items from Bannerparty:

Cupcake Banner...

Nursery Rhyme Growth Chart...

Photo Prop Banner...

I couldn't have asked for a better banner for Balian's party, and what a wonderful bonus that we will be able to enjoy it for years to come! I am so appreciative of Mary and her passion for designing fabulous parties. Her handiwork is gorgeous, and worth every penny spent! Her banners are perfect for so many occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, theme parties, holidays, etc! If you've been looking for a great place to find original party banners and other wonderful party items, look no further!

Want It? Buy It!
Hop on over to Bannerparty.com and take a look at all of Mary's beautiful designs- you'll be glad you did! If you can't find what you're looking for, just contact Mary through her website. She'll be more than happy to help you!

Special thanks to Mary of Bannerparty for helping to make Balian's party so special!


Disclosure: I was sent the above mentioned products directly from the shop owner. I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with these products may differ.

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