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Since my sister in law is a nurse, I am always keeping an eye out for cute, stylish and affordable scrubs. The nursing community is thriving, even in the rough economy we face today, which means that there are plenty of nurses or medical professionals who need quality clothing for work purposes.

I recently came across a wonderful site for scrubs while browsing the internet: http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/Scrubs-for-Men/.  Blue Sky Scrubs is an online store featuring quality scrubs for men, women and even children! From scrub tops and bottoms to full sets, Blue Sky Scrubs has you covered from head to toe!

Men's Scrub Set in Grey...

If you're looking for custom scrub sets, look no further! Blue Sky Scrubs has a staff of trained tailors, ready to custom build your scrubs just for you! Just because you're in a scrubs set for twelve hours doesn't mean that you have to be uncomfortable. Blue Sky Scrubs uses soft, breathable fabrics and allows stitching options on their custom tops and bottoms. Each piece is tailored to suit your needs.

Women's Scrub Set in Crimson...

Blue Sky Scrubs offers nice sets for women, as well. There are urban cuts available, so you're not stuck with wearing an unflattering uniform. And along with scrubs, Blue Sky Scrubs also carried lab coats, hats, shirts, jackets and accessories... even lovely jewelry! 

If you know someone graduating from nursing school, I would recommend selecting a gift from Blue Sky Scrubs! Scrubs are a wonderful gift, especially to newly graduated medical students. If you belong to the medical community, give Blue Sky Scrubs a try the next time you're in the market for a new pair of scrubs! They have an excellent selection of discount medical scrubs. You'll be so glad you stopped by their site to have a look at their wonderful scrubs and accessories!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.


  1. I LOVE scrubs! When I was a kid, my friend's dad was a nurse, and he gave my friends and I all a bunch of his old scrubs. They were huge on us but oh so comfy. I would LOVE some for my kids! Thanks for posting this!

    I am now following your blog. Found you on MBC. I'd love a follow back at www.thegleemansbaby.blogspot.com

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate your visit and follow. I must apologize for my tardy response.

    I,however, look forward to exploring your blog.

    Lioness-Your Newest Follower

  3. Hi! I'm your newest follower -- would love to see you over at MindfullyFrugalMom


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