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Sweet Saturdays...

Happy Saturday, everyone! Balian and Sacha are at Grandma Gretchen's house for part of the day, and I have been outside tending to my poor and neglected front flower beds. I got a little bit of work done- pulled lot's of weeds, planted some new stuff, etc. I'm all hot, gross and covered in dirt now, and am about to get cleaned up and try to enjoy a peaceful lunch before I have to tackle washing sheets, cloth diapers and scrubbing down the bathrooms. Just thought I'd leave a post to wish everyone a happy weekend, say welcome to all of the new followers from the weekend blog hop, and share a few pictures with you:

 This is what happens when you have a baby and don't have time to tend to your veggie garden...

...the stuff from last season re-seeds and you wind up with 40 extra tomato plants!

Balian says, 'Enjoy your weekend, everyone! Here's what I'm all about today!'


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