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Mother-ease Review

I'm only slightly experienced when it comes to cloth diapering, so the easier the system is to manage, the better. Right now, I'm a stay at home mom, so there is no reason for me not to be using cloth diapers. I was recently given the opportunity to try a cloth diaper system from Mother-ease Cloth Diapers. I was so excited when the system arrived, and couldn't wait to get it washed, dried and onto my little man's bum!

I was sent the One Size Cloth Diaper System for my review, and boy, do I love it! This diaper is made out of a lightly brushed terry, and grows with your baby! That's right... there are strategically placed snaps that are designed so that the diaper can allow more room for baby as he or she grows. This means that you can use these diapers with newborns up to potty training age (35 pounds)! Wow! 

So- how does it work? The One Size system from Mother-ease Cloth Diapers is a two step system. The actual diaper contains a cloth insert, which just snaps in for easy and precise placement (gotta love this- you can't screw it up!) After placing the cloth diaper on your baby, you then use a separate cover, which comfortably sits over the diaper and snaps in place. The diaper covers are available in sizes based on baby's weight. The great thing about the covers is that you can really use them three or four times before they need to be washed, because they don't get wet, even when baby has a wet diaper. That's how absorbent these cloth diapers are! These diapers are leak-free, and I can honestly say that we've never had any accidents using Mother-ease Cloth Diapers.

There are four different fabrics to choose from when selecting your One Size Cloth Diaper System.
Choose from comfy Stay Dry Stretchy Cotton, which has a specially knit stay dry fabric sewn to the inside. This helps to prevent diaper rash, and easily rinses after diaper changes. The Organic Cotton Terry diaper is a popular choice, as it's made from 100% organic cotton. The Bamboo Terry diaper is a bamboo and cotton blend, with the cotton fabric touching your baby. The Cotton Terry diaper is also a popular choice for it's durability and comfort (this is what we got for Balian), and it's also available in a rainbow of colors!

Air Flow Covers...
The One Size System works with adorable air flow covers. This is a snap on, leak-free cover that remains breathable while on your baby! It fits securely where you need it to, and allows plenty of room in the legs for baby's comfort. These covers allow for maximum circulation while baby boys, which is great, because that reduces the risk of bacteria by keeping the actual diaper temperature down! I love that the covers snap on, because that means that Balian can yank these off. We've tried other cloth systems which stay in place (yeah right) with velcro. Well, guess what? Little hands can undo velcro quite easily! These covers are really wonderful, and I've been amazed that they really do stay dry and help to prevent leaks. These are a mom's best friend, trust me! I received the cover pictured above, and we just adore it! There are many prints and colors to choose from, as far as the covers go. Buy just a few, and you'll be set!

Why I love Mother-ease Cloth Diapers
This is a wonderful system for first time cloth diapering parents. You can't mess this system up- you just snap and go! Washing is easy... just dispose of solids in the potty, and then (if you like), soak the poopy liner in a safe stain fighting solution, then wash with your other cloth diapers. I do put the actual diapers in the dryer, but I don't put the air flow covers in the dryer... I let those air dry. If there's no poopy, there's no need to soak anything, unless you just feel that you want to. Mother-ease won the PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) Award in 2009 as best cloth diaper, and I can see why! If you're curious about cloth diapering, or if you're a seasoned cloth momma and have never heard of Mother-ease, I urge you to give their diaper systems a try. They also have other diaper systems to choose from that are just as impressive as the One Size System! Mother-ease absolutely goes on my Mommy's Must Haves list, and gets my Mommy Stamp of Approval!

Like It BUY IT!
Mother-ease has an incredible Introductory Offer on their website that I urge you to check out! You can try their system for 30% off the retail price, and this offer is available on all of their systems! How great is that? They also have a very user-friendly online shopping cart, which makes ordering your very first Mother-ease Cloth Diaper System a snap!

Disclaimer: The above mentioned products were sent directly to me from the featured company for review. I was not compensated in any way for facilitating my review, and all opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with these products may differ.

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