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The Simple Things

The sound of Balian laughing
Freshly cut flowers arranged in a vase on my dining table
The sight of Sacha and Balian cuddling together
A beautiful melody swimming in my head
A clean kitchen
Fresh laundry- folded and put away
Visits with family
A card from a friend
Reading a scripture verse
Blossoms on my veggie plants
Looking at photographs- old and new
Early morning coffee
Sit-down dinners with the family
Phone calls from my sissy
Lunch dates with my parents
Packages on my front porch
Rocking my sweet babe to sleep

I love the simple things...


  1. Sweet!
    Thanks for following my blog and i'm following you back.

  2. I love this! So true… some of the simplest make me the happiest!! I am a new follower:)


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