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Jordan Essentials Review

My friend Darleen from Jordan Essentials was kind enough to send me a few samples of some of the amazing products she represents. I was so excited to receive them, and have been using what she sent to me all week!

The first thing we tried was the Baby Lotion Bar, Powder Fresh. What a neat thing this is! It really is lotion in a bar- for babies! I decided to try this on Balian's feet. Don't laugh... they get very sweaty and stinky during the day! I popped the Lotion Bar out of the container, rubbed it over his cute little feeties (which he thought was a game, and laughed at the whole time), and waited. After a few minutes, I checked those cute little feet... and they were so soft and smooth, and stinky-free! This is a wonderful product for busy moms. You can carry this with you (I would say it's a diaper bag essential!) without having to worry about lotion spilling out all over the place or taking up a lot of room. This will be one of my new staples for Balian! It's a great price, too! Only $6.50 for the full sized Lotion Bar! Give this one a try- you won't be disappointed!

The next wonderful product Darleen sent to me is this absolutely luscious Chocolate Mint Massage Bar! This is also a Lotion Bar... just as handy as the Baby Lotion Bar, in the same kind of pop-out container. The product description reads 'Cocoa butter and hint of mint. Great for stretch marks & dry skin needs. Smells so wonderful you'll want to eat it!'  Let me just say that I completely agree with the description. It's like whipped silk in a little disc! Not only that, it DOES smell so good that I'd like to eat it. I showed it to Sacha (my husband) and let him smell it (mint chocolate chip is his absolute favorite ice cream), and he said, 'Mmm... is that for me?' :) Well, I guess he'll enjoy it just as much as I am enjoying it, which is quite a lot!! Oh- and it has worked wonders on my stretch marks! I don't have very many of them, but there are a few- and of course, they're in places that will be visible while I'm rockin' my new mom body at the beach this summer. Tell you what... I smoothed the lotion bar over those stretch marks, and they have lightened in appearance after just using it for three nights in a row. Now, I'm not advocating that this is going to make your stretch marks disappear or anything, but it has helped mine- and I'll take anything that'll get that job done! And what a great price! It's just $7.50 for the full size bar! Mommas (and friends), I give this product two thumbs up!

And last, but certainly not least, Darleen sent me a sample of Jordan Essential's Shea Body Butter, in the Cucumber Melon scent. First of all, shea body butter is a staple in our house. My husband just goes nuts over having it. He loves for me to massage body butters over his feet, which are so smooth on top, but very dry on the bottom. We've tried a lot of different body butters, but this one has really left both of our feet feeling super smooth for more than just the overnight period. This is a type of healing butter, which will really work wonders if your feet (or any of your skin) are super dry. We're coming off of a cold Carolina winter, where most of us have suffered from dry skin. This body butter is getting our skin beautiful for the summer! And here in the Carolinas, we usually go right from winter to summer, from hiding our legs and not shaving them to digging for a new razor blade and breaking out the Bermuda Shorts! Ladies, this is the way to go this summer and all year long! There are 15 scents to choose from, and this comes to you in an 8 oz jar for just $20.00! I can't wait to try the Oatmeal, Milk and Honey scented one next!

A super big thanks to Darleen B. from Jordan Essentials for sending me these amazing products to try. I was in no way compensated for reviewing these products. All of the opinions expressed above are solely my own. Please support Darleen's Jordan Essentials business by giving some of these great products a try! If you have any questions about the products I reviewed or any others, feel free to contact Darleen.

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