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The Best Waffle Recipe


My Mother-in-law always made my husband and his brother homemade waffles growing up. They became a staple in their home as young men, and now they’ve become a necessity in our own home. Once you try them, I believe they’ll be a must-have in yours as well!

Since I’ve been married to my husband, one thing he always looked forward to in visits with his parents is the waffles his mom makes. As my kids have grown older, they’ve also become fond of these yummy breakfast delicacies. Finally, this past December during our family vacation to Tennessee, I said “You must give me this recipe so I can make these at home.” When she sent me a picture, I was surprised to find a cookbook recipe and not a family secret taken from the vault. When the recipe looks like this- with “excellent” written on it, along with age and stains, you know it’s a good one!

We like to eat our waffles with fresh fruit and whipped topping. If you don’t eat them all when you make them, these also freeze beautifully to pop in the toaster another day! Let me know in the comments if you make these yummy waffles. I hope they’re a hit with your family too!

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