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Have a happy July 4th!

Typically, the July 4th hoiday is a low-key event for me. I may or may not have plans, I may or may not seek out fireworks.. who knows. Sometimes I don't want to deal with the crowds, especially here at the coast. It can be quite insane!

This year, our City is offering a Fourth of July Celebration at the Live Oaks Bank Pavllion, where a lot of concerts (yes, through live nation) are held. There's going to be a concert from the Wilmington Symphony,  food sales, and closing fireworks. 

The parking is madness, the mosquitoes will be madness, as well as the heat, so I haven't decided if I'm going... but I do love the Wilmington Symphony!

What are your top things about July 4th that you  love? I've been able to celebrate this holiday in England, which is all together confusing, but funny. I've celebrated this holiday at summer camps, with friends and family, and solo. 

No matter how, I'm always reminded that we are blessed. We are blessed to live in a country that, despite various opinions on politics, policies, and laws, we still have a lot of freedom. As a single woman who lives solo, I have a lot of freedom and independence. 

We all do. We just need to recognize it.

So happy July 4th. No matter if you are celebrating today solo, with friends, or family, enjoy it. 

Remember that you are blessed, that you do have a lot of freedoms, and you can eat both that hamburger and hotdog today if you so choose!


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