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Happy Saturday, friends! It's the first day of June! Does it feel like summer to you yet? I hope that you have a wonderful day planned- filled with fun and excitement. There are quite a few fun events happening around town today where I live. Our city's annual outdoor symphony concert is this evening, and I had hoped to attend with my family, but this pesky strained back muscle is just not letting up, and I am still having some trouble moving around without great difficulty or pain.

Being laid up is the absolute worst. Unlike some folks who may welcome an injury or illness just to get some downtime, I loathe sitting around. I do enough of that during the work week, and when summer break comes around and offers more flexibility in our schedules, I want to be out doing things with my family. We are absolute slaves to our calendars during the school year. So much, in fact, we don't really see much of each other. My husband and I are often like ships that pass in the night, and the kids are just busy upon busy, as am I.

It can be hard to have everyone home all summer. I stay busy enough with work, but try to work in fun family activities, day trips, and of course, our family vacation. Now that our break is here, the weather is fantastic, and everyone has time 'off' at the same time, I am down with this silly back injury. What bothers me most of all is that I feel like I am letting my family down. It's their time off, too. My husband won't take the kids to do something fun without me, so if I'm down, no one is going anywhere. I do feel guilty about causing the kids to miss out on a planned day of fun. I have been wishing and praying this back pain away for the past three days, but it's still hanging around.

I have things to do, and there are people who are depending on me to do those things. 'Rest' isn't a word I turn to, even in times like this. I still have kiddos to care for and a household to run, not to mention jobs to do, and volunteer gigs to prep for. Bless my sweet mom... she has been at my house two days this week, just to be here to help feed the kids, change diapers, assist with potty breaks, and keep the kids from clobbering one another.

I'm not usually such a big complainer, but I truly dislike this. If I could sit and binge watch all of Bridgerton from beginning to the end of the first half of S3, maybe this would be more tolerable, but alas, it is not possible with small children running about the house all day, causing chaos at every turn. A nap even sounds nice, as sleep has been rather elusive.

Today, I plan to do some simple walking, gentle stretches, keep on with the heating pad and Ibuprofen, and hope for less pain tomorrow.

What sorts of fun things do you have planned for the weekend? I'll live vicariously through you!

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