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Vacation Prep: Let's Pack for the Beach


Having just packed one of the kids for a week at camp, it's now time to focus on the rest of my family and get the five of us packed for the beach. Our upcoming beach trip is a week away, so it's time for me to get my rear in gear and get serious about packing. There's just one problem...

I hate packing. There. I said it.

You might love packing for a trip, but I despise it, truly. It causes me so much anxiety that it fully consumes me for weeks before we leave. Why? Well, I put it like this, when trying to explain to my husband why I get so worked up over packing for trips.

"You worry about yourself when packing. Clean underwear, a couple of daytime outfits, shoes, a toothbrush, and swim trunks. I have five people to pack for- a week's worth of clothes for each person, swimwear, toiletries, incidentals, all the beach stuff, snacks, food, household items like laundry strips and paper towels. There's meal planning and prep involved, figuring out which toys and books to bring, bringing my work stuff, and possibly remembering some games, coloring books, and perhaps even a book for myself. You just have to figure out how it'll all fit into our bags, and then fit the bags in the car."

And it's the darn truth.

So, the week leading up to a trip, I spend cleaning and organizing, doing laundry, making lists, running to stores to grab last minute things we need. Call after call made to my mother, my sister, and sometimes my father, discussing what we need for the nine of us, and who's going to get what. I've been to Costco twice, and expect to go at least one more time before we leave to grab extra items. If you've ever been to one of the NC beach towns north of Wilmington, you know full well that there isn't much in terms of places to shop, and even grocery stores are few and far between. Bringing everything that you possibly can from home is the way to go. Beach store prices are absolutely insane, and no one wants to pay $15.00 for a bottle of sunscreen. I'd much rather spend my hard earned money on taking the kids out for mini golf and ice cream.

My husband is constantly telling me that I am being 'extra' when it comes to getting us prepped and packed for a trip, but if I don't prep and plan, we'll get to the beach and one of the kids will whine, 'Mom... where's my...?' I'd rather just have thought about it for them and packed it. Saves everyone heart and headaches, no?

Just a few more days, and I'll be smiling and relaxing with my loves, looking at the ocean... in 100 degree heat. It's going to be amazing. I may complain about the hoopla, but I truly am grateful for the opportunity to get away with the people I love most in this world.

But y'all pray for me... I still have packing to do.

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