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June has been a whirlwind. Well, what month hasn't been? They all seem to fly by, and summer months are never any different. We started our summer break with me hurting my back, Baby C in a cast for two weeks, and a tree falling in our driveway. We're due for a break after all of that chaos, and dare I say- a little summer fun?

Summer fun can be simple, and bless my kids- they are true troopers. They had gotten quite used to summers filled with trips, spending days at the lake, and staying busy with lots of different day camps and activities. With me working more, we have less time to take off on weekends, so we just get in as much fun as we can, even by doing simple things like splashing in a little backyard pool.

Summer doesn't have to be Disney trips, cross-country vacations, and all things wild. It can look like splash pads, watering the garden, playing outside, and a much-deserved family vacation at the beach.

There's beauty in simplicity, and I am here for it all summer long.

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