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StoveShelf Accessories: Making Summer Cooking Easier & Inviting


Thanks StoveShelf for these great accessories in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own.

Summer Loving means some summer cooking. For many of us in the south, we all lament that we don't want to turn our stovetops and ovens on, but we have so events that require us too, that it is a lost cause! From the blueberry pies to the roasted tomatoes, summer quickly dives into family reunions, church picnics, at home cook-outs, and more. 

In my apartment, I'm short on space. As you can see in the photo above, there's not much space between the top of my stove and the microwave unit, but for many of you out there, that is a space you could use that frankly, well, goes unused. Counter space is already a premium, especially when cooking up a storm for your next cookout or pool party. Don't keep misplacing your oils and spices, but rather take advantage of that extra space right above your stove and keep them all accessible. (Plus, we all have gone digging through our pantries to find that one spice bottle that ALWAYS disappears). 

Maybe your oven's edging is curved, or perhaps it's too thin to place anything upon, but StoveShelf is here to save the day!

StoveShelf creates unique shelving accessories that are placed directly upon the top back ledge of our stove, creating some great space for us who love to be in the kitchen. Place those everyday items you use, like oils, salt, and pepper, along this shelf for easy access. 

The shelving unit is magnetized and slides right on/ off for easy install and easy cleaning. No screws, no mess, just some magnets! It comes in 20, 24, and 30 inch sizes for your various oven sizes out there and can be in black, white, or stainless to match your oven's color. Sorry for those of you with colorful kitchens, as those are the options right now!

This shelving unit fits so well and smoothly that I was quite amazed! It does provide a resting area for perhaps a spoon, some of the smaller cooking ingredients I use, but unfortunately the microwave's exhaust fan hangs down too low for the oils. 

The unit is designed to fit both flat and curved stoves, and the magnets can be moved if needed to help it stay in location. Adhesive strips are available if needed to help place your StoveShelf wherever it might need to go.

Now, I know there's controversy about keeping your spices near the heat units, but I'm pleasantly surprised as StoveShelf helps to prevent heat damage to your bottles. In fact, the two sets that they offer are glass, and I know they wouldn't unless they are designed to prevent any overheating issues! 

The other accessories from StoveShelf that I'm particularly excited about are the two sets that they sent me along with the shelf. A two-piece grinder set along with a two-piece dispenser set will definitely make cooking and hosting easier. 

No matter whether it's just for me or Chachi, or if I am taking something over to the pool party, the dispensers make using oil and vinegar a lot easier than bottles! 

I've had other dispensers, but they have never been clear, so it was hard to judge where your liquid's replacement needs stood. These are easy to use, to clean, and I love the pouring nodules too. 

The silicone bottoms make these bottles stable so that they don't slide around and accidentally slide off your shelving unit too. 

The oil & vinegar dispensers are 2.75 " X 8.25 " and also make the perfect salad dressing pourers too! Just mix up your vinegarettes and have an easy way to pour at the dinner table. 

Now, the next two - piece set is amazing! I love coarse salts, like sea salt and kosher salts, but sometimes don't want the big clumps in my meals. The two-piece grinder set allows me to grind pepper and salt to my heart's content. 

Each unit has a removable top with a sizeable opening to allow for easy pouring. The grinder is at the top of the unit, with a lid, so that if it flips, you don't end up with salt and pepper everywhere! 

The grinder is also adjustable, so that perfect size of your salt or pepper will come out! Adjust the knob in the center for your needed grind and be on your way to a tasy meal. 

I love this for moving your grinders out to the patio, poolside, or wherever you may want some extra seasoning love when hosting this summer. That also makes it super easy to grab and take with you on that beach vacation when you pack the entire car and then some for family meals. 

This summer, make cooking and serving easier with StoveShelf Accessories! From shelfving units to grinders, all these accessories will make your kitchen time easier and quicker! 

Want it? Get it! 

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