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Our Favorite Summer Activities for Young Kids

Not sure what to do with the kids on Summer Break? Here is a list of our favorite summertime activities!

1) Water fun:

Whether it be in the above ground pool we got on sale off of Amazon, a race down the slip and slide, or a run through the sprinkler, my two love any type of water activity! 

2) Bouncy fun:

My two love to go to trampoline parks and bounce houses. Sometimes we have to drive a bit to find a place, but it’s always worth the trip for the kids to have a good time! 

3) Playground fun:

We frequent outdoor parks throughout the year, especially in warmer months. However, sometimes the summer months bring extreme heat that makes it unbearable for outdoor play. In times where the temperature is sky high, or when the weather is just not ideal, we seek out an indoor playground. These provide hours of temperature controlled fun and are usually mom friendly too - offering wifi and selections of coffee and snacks! 

4) Movie fun:

Whether it be at home or in the theater, we always enjoy a movie together with popcorn and snacks. Since movie trips can be expensive, especially with multiple kids, be sure to check our your nearby theater for deals! Many theaters offer discount days and have summer movie programs that show older movies at a super low price.

5) Food fun:

We enjoy creating fun snacks and baking yummy goodies together. In the summer months we often take our lunch outside to have a picnic in the shade where we try to describe the shapes of the clouds overhead, which always turns into a fun time with the kids’ imaginations. 

What are some of your family’s favorite summer activities? Let me know in the comments below! 


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