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Create Snackable Summers With Crackerology


Thanks Crackerology for sending these snack kits in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own.

Do you ever just not want to cook? Sometimes in the summer, I'm just too hot, too tired from the heat, and don't want something heavy for meals. Sometimes, I need some quick summer snacks for entertaining, hosting, or outings. 

If this sounds like you, check out Crackerology. Crackerology has fabulous snackable kits filled with everything needed to make a ready-made appetizer or snack. Perhaps it might even be your meal, especially if you have gone out to a late lunch and just want a light dinner!

I was sent several Crackerology kits to test out and am excited about them all. I received a Fab Four Faves box filled with four of Crackerology favorites: Red Wine & Rosemary, Sweet S'moreology, Fiesta Forever, and Chocolate Cherry. A second Red Wine & Rosemary kit as well as a Pink Lemonade Kit were also sent over. 

I've had several events that have taken me out of the home, so I've not had a chance to test all the kits yet, but the Red Wine & Rosemary was an excellent choice for a late afternoon snack on one of my slower days off! 

This kit contains Red Wine & Rosemary crackers (2 packages each with 12 crackers), a small packet of Bonne Maman Raspberry jam, white cheddar schmear, and a small package of nuts. 

A card contains instructions: 

  • Schmearology- add a bit of cheese
  • Jamology- Add the Jam
  • Crunchology- top with the nuts
When we think of crackers, we think of crispier thin wafer like crackers. These Rosemary crackers, while not sweet, are more cookie style. They are stick, crumbly, and do break apart easily. The Rosemary and Wine part of the cracker is slightly noticeable, but I didn't taste the black pepper at all. I also like spicy foods so that could be why! 

Yet, topped with the cheddar cheese, jam, and nuts, this makes for a great fast appetizer! I would definitely keep some of these on hand for those last minute needs. 

Be sure to refrigerate after opening if you don't use within one setting. The card also contains a QR code to head to their website for other options. 

Other appetizer options in this kit include the Fiesta Forever: taco crackers, cheese, hot sauce, and a crunchy topping. On the website, there are plentiful options, even including a pizza kit that I have my eye on! 

Sweet Buds, rejoice, because your dessert appetizers are abundant with Crackerology! The Sweet S'morelogy is enticing my name, but I've been holding off for upcoming gatherings. This includes cookies, hazelnut spread, and mini marshmallows, just like an s'more!

The Pink Lemonade kit has lemon cookies, vanilla "frosting", cotton candy, and popping candy to grab those tastebuds. It sounds exciting and very tasty! 

These kits are "snackable kits", meant for 1–3 people. Party Kits for 4-6 people and gift kits are also available for larger crowds. 

Stock up on Crackerology this summer for all your appetizer, snack, and dessert needs. No matter whether it's beach time, pool time, evening game night, or just a "I don't want to cook, it's too hot" night, Crackerology has something for your taste buds to enjoy!

Want it? Get it!

Purchase Crackerology kits for an appetizing summer!

Follow Crackerology on Facebook & Instagram for the latest flavors! 

What is your favorite cracker topping? 

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