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Calm & Itch Free With Bailey's CBD Treats for Pets


Thanks to Bailey's CBD for Pets for these chews. Chachi is in love! All thoughts are my own.

Chachi is my almost twelve (we think) year old Shih Tzu/ Lhasa Apso rescue. He has been a part of the family for almost a year now! If he had a profile, it would say something like love long walks where I can catch frogs (of course, I don't let him but it's hilarious to watch him try), dive under the bushes for smells, and chase the Ibis bird, and let my humans feed me all the treats. 

Unfortunately, Chachi's proclivities for the outside world catch up with him during pollen seasons. Whether it's the tall weeds around the retention ponds, the pinestraw in the tree & flower beds, or his desire to root under bushes; Chachi gets the itchies a lot. He's been on various types of meds, had the shots, and most recently had a round of doggie prednisone because he developed hives as an allergic reaction to something. 

Poor creature LOVES life too, so it makes it really hard to say no to all the things he loves to do. When I heard about Bailey's CBD for Pets, I was intrigued because I know that CBD has been making great strides in areas related to human health, but also I've recently heard that it helps dogs out a lot. Chachi is not a highly anxious dog, but I have noticed that he chews & licks his paws a lot as a coping mechanism when I'm gone, and I think some of his itching develops from anxiety as well. We know little about his background, but since he loves treats anyway, I decided to check out Bailey's further. 

This pet company just wants what is best for our pets and their health. CBD for dogs helps out their immune, digestive, emotional, cognitive, and bodily system by supporting those functions along the way. From calming down anxiety to providing support & relief for our pet's aging joints, Bailey's has treats across the Spectrum.

I'm still learning about CBD and it's affects, so I haven't wanted to go full on with Chachi yet, so I decided to check out Bailey's No More Itchies Probiotic Chews and their Immune Dog Chews.

The No More Itchies chews are bacon-flavored bites that aim at reducing skin irritations so that our pups can develop shiny, healthy coats. The No More itchies are probiotics that include quercetin, Bromelain, and Marshmallow Root to provide healthy digestion and skin. The bites also contain licorice root, and are grain + soy free. Chachi has been off his meds for about a week, and he's been on these no more itchies for almost two weeks. He's a dog, so he still has the occasional itch, but they have provided so much relief compared to anything else he has tried! We go back and visit the vet tomorrow, so I'll be curious if he will need to go back on his allergy meds as he has recently started to itch some again, but I firmly trust that these chews are helping him stay on track. If nothing else; his digestion and gut health are excellent! 

These chews are based on the poundage of your pet, so for Chachi, he gets one chew a day. He fluctuates in weight, and right now he's slightly over 20 lbs. I typically break it up and mix it in with his morning and evening meals. He gobbles it right up! He gets so excited when I break out the package because he knows what is in it. 

The Immunity Dog Chews are another excellent choice for Chachi. He loves the same great bacon flavor and rejoices whenever I give this to him after his night walk. He only gets a half one of these since I give him a full one of the No More Itchies, as I don't want to overdo it! 

The Immunity chews have a mushroom medley that aim's to support Chachi's adaptogens, which are basically his receptors to deal with stress. I have to say that even after a week of being gone a lot due to day camp (which is a stressor for him: he doesn't like his humans to be gone, and he doesn't like to be alone a lot), he has been more relaxed and calmer than before. 

Immunity Chews also include Colostrum, which is something that supports our pets need to help support their bones and joint structures. Since Chachi is getting older, this is a definite benefit for him. He won't admit it, but he does start to waddle and limp on longer walks, and he still tries to jump off furniture even though I try to prevent it. Colostrum means that I know he's getting the support he needs to keep on being his fun-loving self! 

These treats come in bags of 30, are cold pressed to help preserve all the good stuff, and are full of ingredients that not only do our pets need, but also love! No artificial flavors or preservatives here!

Even though I haven't tried any of the Bailey's CBD products, based on these chews alone, I would trust that they do what they are supposed too. In fact, I've been eyeing the hip & joint soft chews for when Chachi finishes his current round of hip & joint chews from another brand. If those are anything like the No More itchies, I'm sure they will live up to their name! 

This summer, get outdoors with your pups and don't worry about that grass rolling if you have No More Itchies in stock! Be sure to live the best summer ever with your furry loved one. Bailey's also has products for cats & horses as well. 

Want it? Get it!

Grab Bailey's CBD for Pets No More Itchies & Immunity Dog Chews for a great summer treat for your furry friends!

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