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Try Something New On National Golf Day

 When was the last time you tried something new? Although this was almost two years ago (eek) it was a completely new experience for me! I had never swung a golf club before. Putt- putt- yes! But a real honest to goodness club? Nope. 

When I was on vacation with my sister and nephew in 2022, we decided to let C. practice his golf swing and decided that we would all take a family lesson together. I was hestitant at first because I was nervous that I'd not be able to learn anything and become frustrated that I couldn't get it (something I do a lot with athletic type things). 

 It was completely new for me, and I was brave enough to try it, even though (shamefully) I haven't picked up a club yet. I even had fun! 

Today is National Golf Day and so this experience reminded me of the time I did swing a golf club. With lots and lots of lessons, I might become better, but I know I'll never make it to the PGA. Golf is an expensive sport, so it's not something I've totally dived into, but I'd be willing to take lessons again one day. Of course, everyone teaches differently and as their own tips for moving your body, follow through, etc. 

You might be gathering with your family to celebrate the mom in your life this weekend. You might be working. You might be catching up on whatever tasks and chores that life throws at you.

But, I encourage you to sit down and think of a new experience to try out. You may learn to love something completely brand new, or you may have an epic fail. Whatever you do, take the leap and do it- don't let fear stop you!

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