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Sweet Treats from MarieBelle's to finish May Strong & Kick Off Your Summer!


thanks MarieBelle New York for this chocolate collection in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own. 

I have an admission: my love from chocolate stems from my childhood. During my elementary years, my grandfather would pick me up from school on the days my parents were working. He would arrive with a classic Pepsi and a frozen Reese cup. Reese's Cups were probably my first chocolate experience. That branched out to Hershey bars, snickers, and other various products made in the late 80s/ early 90s.

When I graduated from college, I had the amazing, awesome chance to spend some time in England through a global missions program. I was able to travel easily to countries like Belgium and Switzerland and experienced true quality chocolate. I have to admit-it ruined me. European chocolate is vastly different from American chocolate, especially from the Mars or Hershey companies. 

In recent years, it seems like handmade quality chocolatiers have popped up across the United States, offering us beautiful crafted delicious treats for all sorts of occasions. 

Recently, I was sent a Mother's Day 16-piece ganache set from MarieBelle New York. Unfortunately, as I write this, the set is no longer available on MarieBelle's website as they have taken down Mother's Day items, but they still have several chocolate sets available for you to gift to someone or perhaps just indulge in yourself. 

No matter whether you are celebrating a late Mother's Day, gathering for Memorial Day, anticipating an impending graduation, or just getting a jumpstart on your summer; MarieBell has a chocolate set for you!

The 16 piece signature ganache box has 16 unique handcrafted artisanal chocolates made in the MarieBelle Brooklyn factory. Made with the highest quality of cacao, each chocolate is a creamy milk or dark ganache with exciting flavors like raspberry cheesecake or tiramisu. The New York Summer collection, currently available on their website, exhibits flavors such as coconut, Tahitian vanilla, and hazelnut. 

The Mother's Day Signature collection had beautiful artwork exhibiting women in a variety of roles. The ganache chocolates are rich, but if you are a sugar fiend like myself, you will highly enjoy them with a cup of tea or coffee. 

I've tasted a couple of the chocolates now, and they are creamy, delicate, and have the slight taste of flavorings as described above. I haven't found an overpowering flavor yet, as there is a balance between the chocolate and the flavorings used in the signature collections.

I also LOVE the designs in this collection and almost hated to eat them because they are so pretty! It seems that all the signature collections have handcrafted artwork that make these sweet sets extra special.

MarieBelle was created by a woman who grew up near the cacoa fields in Honduras. She utilized her knowledge growing up near the fields to sell sweets for her community and brought that to the US when she emigrated. MarieBelle was formed in 2001 and has quickly become known as the top chocolate house in New York after Oprah announced that their Aztec Chocolate was one of her "favorite things." 

Along with their signature collections like the 16- piece New York Chocolate Ganache blue box available right now, other New York Collections, Chocolate bites, bars, teas, and hot chocolates are available for the one who has a sweet tooth in your life. 

Perhaps you need to stock up with their 80 gr signature bars to have the smore's party of your dreams to kick off summer. 

Hosting an afternoon luncheon? Check out the Fin du Chocolate Grand, a combination box of bite sized chocolates. In that, this makes the perfect treat, as I often just want a slight hint of chocolate but not a whole bar. 

Whatever your chocolate needs are this summer, remember that Marie Belle chocolates are best kept in a dry cool place between 60-68 F. That's definitely a problem in the south, so don't pull them out until you are ready for your guests to enjoy! 

This May, head over to MarieBelle to find the chocolate collections of your dreams!

Want it? Get it!

Find the currently available 16-piece ganache set on Marie Belle. 

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