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Summer Break is Off to a Great Start


Dearest gentle reader, (sorry, I've been watching way too much Bridgerton)

It's been just a few days since the school year ended for my children, and we have made every effort to take advantage of the days off afforded by the Memorial Day weekend holiday. The kids closed out the school year with excellent grades, multiple awards, and we were simply blown away by their excellent performances this year. Sacha and I felt as though the kids deserved some special treats, so we wasted no time kicking into high gear and starting their summer break with a bang.

Baby's first movie- IF.

School ended last Friday, and we had a lowkey night at home on Friday night. On Saturday, we worked on some projects around the house, and then surprised the kids by taking them to the movies. We went to the newly renovated Gem Theatre in Kannapolis, NC, where they typically feature just one movie. The ticket prices are extremely reasonable, and so are the concession prices. $7.50 for a large popcorn and two drinks can't be beat! $5.00 per movie ticket? Yes, please! This was actually Baby C's first movie theatre experience, and she absolutely loved it. We saw the movie IF, and I highly recommend seeing it before it leaves theatres. Take tissues and be prepared to go on a beautiful and emotional journey.

On Sunday, we went to church, and then had my parents over for a Memorial Day cookout. We grilled burgers and enjoyed conversation, which included making plans for our upcoming family beach trip. I cannot wait to go on vacation.

Playing in the creek at Julian Price Park.

On Monday, we headed to Blowing Rock, NC to have a day of fun in the mountains. Our day consisted of a visit to the Moses Cone house and park, a picnic and hike at Julian Price Park, and then spending the rest of the afternoon in Downtown Blowing Rock. They have the best park for kids, and yummy treats and eats, too! We loved grabbing an ice cream cone from our favorite little shop and then wrapping up the evening at Mellow Mushroom for supper. We did hang out at the park again after dinner, so the kids could get some energy out before our long drive home.

With the weather being so mild this week, we're hoping to enjoy another family outing- if my back will feel better and cooperate. I somehow managed to strain a muscle in my lower back yesterday. I did go to the doctor today, and am following his orders for rest, along with heat and pain meds. I don't like being down and out, so sitting around is not an easy thing for me. Luckily, my mom has been able to come over and help with the kids while Sacha is at work. I'm blessed not to have to figure it out and fend for myself.

Aside from the back pain (which is so annoying), we've been enjoying the start of summer break very much. I can't wait to work in a few more day trips and to then enjoy our extended family vacation together.

What do you have planned for the summer?

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