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Refresh & Rehydrate with Kubo Teas This Summer!

Thanks Kubo Tea for these great flavors in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own!

While I am rather picky with my soft drink selections, I do love a cold Coke Classic or Pepsi, but am fully aware of all the "stuff", including sugar, that's in these drinks. During the summer, I have a tendency to gravitate towards tea. It is North Carolina and people sure do love their sweet iced tea, but it also can be full of sugar. I also don't get the caffeine rush from Sweet Tea that I do from other drinks, as the tea leaves are generally not as strong due to the amount of water used to brew. 

When I found out about Kubo Tea, I was excited because they provide 100% organic raw materials in their teas along with a high caffeine density. Kubo provides high energy teas with great tastes that leave out the jittery feelings that follow other energy drinks. Kubo also claims to leave out the unwanted stomach digestive issues and anxiety that comes from high caffeine energy drinks too. 

I was sent 4 flavors to test out: Earl Gray Black Tea, Raspberry Iced Tea, Half N' Half Lemonade Iced Tea, and Peach Mango Iced Tea. Kubo has products in the Black, Green, Mushroom, and regular Ice Tea varieties. 

Even though it's summer, I still loved a good cup of hot tea, especially when it's stormy and the weather might be slightly cooler in the evenings. But, there sure is nothing like a glass of iced tea to soothe the thirst after a long walk on the beach, an evening dog walk, or just to rehydrate because it's over 100 degrees. 

Each package contains 20 tea bags. Individual Cups can be brewed using one tea bag, or make more by using more tea bags. 

One cup of tea has 155 mg of caffeine, compared to a regular black tea of 50 mg. The Half N Half Lemonade Tea has the following flavors: English Breakfast Tea, Blackberry, and Lemon to give it a lemonade tea flavor.

The Peach Mango tea has Black Tea and Peach Powder to create its flavor. 

The Raspberry Iced Tea has Black Tea, Raspberry Powder, and Green Tea Caffeine. 

The Earl Gray contains Black Tea, Bergamot, and Green Tea Caffeine. Even this tea can be made hot or cold. 

All these teas pack powerful flavor, but it isn't overpowering in any of the ones I was sent. I love the smells that emit from each bag upon opening and the taste of each one, and I don't even really like lemon flavored products that much! 

Also, this is a plus in my book-each bag is resealable to keep tea bags fresh as much as possible. 

Kubo sources ingredients from tea farms that don't use pesticides, and they don't use unnatural additives when creating their tea blends. The farms that each tea is sourced from is shared with the consumer on the website. Fair Trade practices are used along with organic ingredients, green tea caffeine, and biodegradable materials while ensuring each tea is sugar-free. 

It if you want a great cup of tea, you don't have to make a whole gallon. For me, a gallon goes bad faster than I can drink it, so individual tea bags are perfect to steep a great cup of tea. 

Also, it means that when you have a gathering, your guests can choose their own tastes from many selections, instead of trying to decide on one or two flavors to serve in pitchers. Of course, your guests will have to wait for their tea to cool down, but it happens rather quick with ice. 

Brewing takes about three- five minutes after hot water is added to the tea bag, using a heat-safe mug. Grab your favorite glass (tumbler, whatever you might desire), fill it with ice, and pour your brewed tea into the new glass for a wonderful cooling refreshing drink!  

After brewing your Kubo, be on your way to a caffeinated experience without the ill side effects!

This summer, check out Kubo Tea for a great caffeinated drink to get you through those hot, humid days!

Want it? Get it! 

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