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Help Moms Dive Deeper into yoga with The Yoga Pillow

Thanks to The Yoga Pillow for providing the pillow & brick in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own.

How tight is your body right now? Can you feel your muscles spasm as you move your neck, shoulders, back, hips, and even calves? Yep, if you are anything remotely like me, you hold onto your stress. Our muscles, our bodies, aren't meant to be rigid blocks that never unfreeze. 

While it seems like a luxury, I get regular massages from a therapist that specializes in chronic pain relief, posture, and stretching. Along with the magical hands of my therapist Jessica, I also keep up with my stretching and recently jumped back into a yoga practice that I've been out of too long.

I am not flexible. I cannot reach downward dog without help. I cannot sit in child's pose for that long. When I heard about The Yoga Pillow, I knew that this was something I needed to check into! The handy dandy cushion envelops a yoga brick to give you extra cushioning when you need to stay in your poses a tad bit longer. 

I've used this aid for about a week and am absolutely in love with it. As I've said, I've recently restarted my yoga practice and have a long way to go. The Yoga Pillow has helped immensely this week! I've been able to sit into child's pose for slightly longer than I could before, and it prevents me from going too deep into the pose.

The Yoga Pillow that covers the brick provides some cushioning for my hands when I need that extra length to do various poses, like the downward facing dog, warrior, side angle, lunges, and more. The Yoga Pillow can even be used in balance poses, like the plank.

I've also found it helpful when I was stretching my back out, as it gave my neck some extra support too. I think that this is a very useful tool for both yoga and stretching that any mom (or dad) would enjoy. Not only does it help you grow deeper into your poses and practice, it also helps alleviate the stress that various poses can place on your body by providing that extra inch or two of stability if you can't quite reach the floor. Eventually, you might find yourself becoming more flexible as you use your Yoga Pillow.

The Yoga Pillow looks like a bag that covers a yoga brick completely. There is a piece of foam that is covered up, so it doesn't move around. The entire Pillow is machine-washable but make sure to air dry. It's composed of a cotton canvas that is easy to spot clean, but if you do machine wash, be sure to use the gentle cycle with cold water to prevent shrinkage. 

There are several different colors to choose from, and I decided upon the Sea Glass Teal Yoga Pillow. It reminds me of the beautiful greenish blue sea that floats just a few miles from my home. I was also sent the Yoga Pillow's brick to enjoy and highly liked how there was a photo attachment to the brick to help the user discover ways the brick can help in various yoga poses. As a novice who often uses YouTube videos, this is helpful for me because I can see a visual before beginning. 

There are several ways that the Yoga Pillow can be used by moms everywhere this spring and summer:

  • Take a break from the stressful end of year chaos and mediate, using the Yoga Pillow as a head cushion.
  • Balance muscles with stretching at the start or close of the day. Your body will thank you.
  • Dive deeper into your yoga poses (or stretches) by utilizing the Yoga Pillow as a means of support by assisting proper alignment, assisting deeper poses, assisting your body's mobility.
  • Use it as a pillow for travel.. or just taking a nap in the carpool line waiting for your kiddos!

If you are looking for a special way to celebrate Mom this Mother's Day, I highly recommend grabbing a Yoga Pillow as a unique gift item, especially if your mom loves practicing yoga or stretches daily. Even one who doesn't utilize regular yoga poses can use The Yoga Pillow & brick! 

I am excited to continue to use my Yoga Pillow as a means to restore my own body and be ready to dive into summer! I hope that you will take advantage of this wonderful took that will assist your own restorative measures this Mother's Day!

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