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Cookout- Fajita Style


It's time for summer cookouts and pool parties. For many, throwing hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill is a staple from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Have you ever considered unconventional cookout menus? 

Fajitas made on the grill is a fabulous way to gather around the pool and still makes for an amazing outdoor meal.

Marinade and season your meats in advance to your liking while you get your grill to proper temps.

We had steak, chicken, and veggies to complete our meal at our Memorial Day pool party. 

Our host seasoned throughout cooking with lots of oil and salt..Himalayan salt is the best! This helps keep the meats from drying out along the way. 

Our host used a Blackstone and made sure it was well seasoned in advance. I don't have the capability to own a grill as we can't have individual ones in my complex (there are ones by the pool that are often used in the summer).

Whats your favorite non-comventional meal to make on your grill? 

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