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Wordless Wednesday: It's time to smile!

 Have you smiled today? In an article from University of California research, The Face Value of a Smile, there are six types of smiles. See how many you can do today! Smiling really does make us feel better!

  • The Duchenne smile. A genuine grin, it's named for 19th-century French scientist Duchenne de Boulogne, whose name is associated with a form of muscular dystrophy.
  • The flirty, coy smile. Often, the person looks out of the corner of the eyes, head turned.
  • The amused smile. It comes with the chortle after a good joke, with the head thrown back.
  • The love smile. Often with a tilted head and softened eyes.
  • The interested smile. With raised eyebrows and a slight grin.
  • The embarrassed smile. Sometimes with the eyes cast downward.

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