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When the Weather Changes Your Travel Plans- Just Pivot


Pivot. A word we know all too well, yet completely forget. A few years ago, 'pivot' became a motto for many people who were forced to do things differently during Covid. Like many others, I learned to do business differently, my kids learned how to attend school differently, and we participated in church differently, too. We all adapted, and then things went back to the way they used to be pre-Covid... eventually.

Travel is one of those things where plans might have to change. There are lots of variables in personal or family/group travel plans, such as weather, health, and other things we have no control over. Sometimes plans have to change for the sake of health and safety.

My kids are on spring break this week. It's the latest spring break week for any school in our county, and they have patiently waited for their break while watching all of their friends have a week off. The downside to having their break this late, is that their dad and I both had to work this week, each with big events that we have to help provide music for. Taking the week off just wasn't an option. We were, however, able to clear our schedules for Friday (today), and planned a day trip up to beautiful Blowing Rock, NC. It's one of our favorite 'quick getaways,' at only about an hour and a half from home.

Blowing Rock is home to Grandfather Mountain, Tweetsie Railroad, numerous trails and parks, a charming downtown, and much more. Just next door sits Boone, NC, which is home to Appalachian State University. Blowing Rock is the perfect place for a day trip for our family, who loves the mountains. We had planned to get up early, drive up the mountain, head to Julian Price Park for a hike and picnic, and then head downtown. There are so many adorable shops downtown, along with a wonderful park, our favorite hole-in-the-wall ice cream shop (a basement tackle shop), and a fun and funky Mellow Mushroom pizza restaurant.

We had even planned to drive a little further up the road to Banner Elk, to visit the Wilderness Run Alpine Coaster, a swift mountain coaster for all ages. We have waited all week for Friday to arrive, and low and behold, by the time Thursday came around, the weather forecast had changed, and they were calling for rain... and strong thunderstorms... and gusty winds... and hail. What a bummer! Rain is one thing, but bad storms are no bueno. Granted, my husband and I got caught in a pop-up storm on top of a mountain when we hiked Craggy Gardens a few years ago, and we were just fine, but that was sans kiddos.

So, what to do? Ride up to the mountains anyway and chance it? We could. We talked about it. We might. We could also just choose to do something closer to home, as there are numerous museums and science centers within driving distance. Maybe a day of shopping with a trip to the bookstore and a fancy milkshake would do? Baby S is still a bit too young to take to the movies, but we could always have a movie night at home with pizza.

I get it- it's not ideal to have to change course, but sometimes it's just what we have to do. Is it disappointing? Well, yes, but my husband always points out that it's a good thing for kids to learn disappointment every once in a while, so they're better equipped to handle life's disappointments as adults. I know he's right... my mama heart just doesn't like it.

I'm not sure where we'll wind up today, but I know we'll wind up somewhere, and we'll have fun, and best of all- we'll all be together.

Have you ever had to change your travel or day trip plans? 

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