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Talk Tuesday- Keeping the Family Healthy

With being a teacher and my two littles going to school, it seems like one of us is always bringing something home. 

Fall wasn’t a horrible sick season for us, but then November hit and we got COVID. It seems like we’ve been sick ever since. 

This weekend, my daughter brought home our *THIRD* stomach bug since December, and the poor girl was up all night Sunday and into Monday morning while I was right behind her cleaning up the messes left behind. She asked me to pray for her to get better and around 3 am, she actually was able to go to sleep and stay asleep for the rest of the morning. Now I'm praying to let it not run like a wildfire in our family. 

With the three of us in school, and my husband running his business, it gets crazy managing absences and work load, and lining up substitutes. I am pretty desperate to finish this school year without anything else knocking us out, and hopefully have something put in place so this doesn't repeat into the next school year. 

So, I turn to you guys - talk to me - what are you all implementing in your life to keep yourself and your family healthy? Any routines or supplements you recommend? I want to hear from you and what works for your family! 

Thanks for chatting with me and I'll be sure to keep you posted when we try out your suggestions! 

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